Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Book from Sandra Dallas

I love this author! I have all of her books, except this one because it hasn't arrived yet. My favorite genre is historical fiction and this is exactly what Sandra Dallas writes. Good fun novels with some reality in them. This new one is called Prayers for Sale, looks great!

My grandma, my mom and my sister also read her books. We have the full set between us, and I am lucky enough to be the keeper of the books. We get one book and pass it around so we all get to read it, then I shelve it with the set. One of these days my other sister will have some spare time and we'll let her borrow the set; I'm sure she'll be hooked too.

I hesitate to say that Sandra Dallas is my favorite author, only because I have a lot of favorite authors. But she's right up there. If I'm waiting for a new book release and order it as soon as possible and I'm all excited waiting for it to arrive, I think that qualifies the author as one of my favorites without having to say it! I don't like to use the word "favorite" because it's just too exclusive. I like leaving my options open.

My other favorite author of the moment is another contemporary historical fiction author from the midwest, Ana Castillo. I've got a thing going for this kind of work I guess. I only own one of her books, but rest assured I will have them all soon enough. Her new book, The Guardians, was just released in 2007 according to her website, but I think it was just last year that it finally came out. Time flies and I lose track. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading her new book as well as her other novels.

I have only read So Far From God, and some of her poetry. The novel was a great mix of historical fiction and magical realism and feminism, and Southwestern Culture - just about everything! That book was just enough to get me all excited and put her up there with Sandra Dallas in my favorite of the favorites list of authors. Another book that I will lend to my family and then I'll shelve it next to my Sandra Dallas books.

I also have sets of JK Rowling books, just the Harry Potter series, not her other supplementary writings. And I have almost all of the Gregory McGuire books. Those are fun! Neither of these are historical fiction, but I branch out. They are fun books. I have a few of the McGuire books yet to read and I need to replace Wicked. I lent it to a friend and never saw it again.

I can't wait for my college semester to end so I can get on with my fun reading list!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hear you on the semester ending!

Right now I am wading, as if through molasses, through the last 100 pages of 100 Years of Solitude. I think it should be called 100 Years of WTF?!

Living With Cavemen said...

I LOVED "Wicked". I bought it at the Orlando airport when I had a long wait. I was hooked.

Yes, I will definitely have to borrow the Sandra Dallas set when you gals are all done with them. I wouldn't want to be left out, ya know. And if gma & mmom like her, then I probably will too.

My "favorite" is John Saul. I have about 5 of his books.

I have LOTS of books to read that are in my bookshelf. Right now I'm reading a children's novel called White Grizzly.

Not only do I have lots of books to read...I also have lots of books to WRITE!

Wolfpak5 said...

Can't wait to read the new Sandra Dallas book, seems it has been a while since she wrote one. One of my favorite historal fictions authors is Diana Gabaldon. I also like reading the mystery books. I also listen to audio books, makes traveling a breeze.

Mary said...

I found the new book on my porch this morning!