Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Sunglasses and a Great Bargain!

Last month my sunglasses fell apart. Not a big deal, the bow broke at the screw. Figured I could get a new bow or use some white first aid tape or something cool like that. These are the sunglasses that I got 5 years ago for $300. Yes, prescription sunglasses are a treasure!

Since I bought those, I have discovered the awesome prices of ordering glasses online. I've gotten 2 pair for myself online and a pair for my daughter (even though she never wears them). Now I feel like I'm a savvy online prescription glasses shopper.

Buying glasses online is the best deal ever! My last pair was $38 including frames, lenses, UV and scratch coatings, and shipping. I'm finally getting around to thinking about new sunglasses. Summer is coming, I need them!

First, I checked out Glassy Eyes Blog. I love this guy! By accident, my husband stumbled upon this blog a couple of years ago when I ordered my first pair of online specs. We both read every post and I continue to check the blog looking for tips and deals. Today I noticed he has one company giving his readers a deal: 30% off at

I can deal with 30% off!

Since the glasses are cheaper than a bag of fast food, I got brave and ordered a fun pair instead of my standard nerdy style. Getting crazy!

I got the frame, tinted lenses, UV, reflective and scratch coatings, and shipping all for the low low bargain price of $40.71. Yesssssss!

Here is the stock photo of my new fun sunglasses - imagine them with brown lenses:


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I need this! I was just about to get a pair from Costco. Do you email your prescription or what?

Wolfpak5 said...

Cool. I know what you mean by buying prescriptions glasses. Just last month I got sticker shock by buying prescription glasses and sunglasses. I didn't order online.

Princess anne said...

What a great deal and a cool sunglasses. It looks like Meg Mathews Sunglasses

that I always wanted to have

Prescription sunglasses said...

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