Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Present Peeking!

I'm getting a present! A big lovely present!!! My husband let it spill that he's getting me a Mother's Day / Graduation gift and before he buys it, because he has no idea if he's getting the right one, he wanted to ask me what I thought. I was so neglected on Mother's Day last year, didn't even get a card so this sounds pretty good already! Sure! Whatcha thinking?!!! [big silly grin]

Hubby: You want a serger?

Me: (totally overcome with excitement, can barely breathe!) Really! That's so great! (heart pounding!) I've wanted one for a long time! (10 or 12 yrs, but who's counting?)

Hubby: yeah, I know. Even though I don't know what the hell it is. Look this one up and see if its what you want - Viking 936

Me: Viking! OMG! YES!

Hubby: It says its a good one with all the bells and whistles, I don't know what any of this means but there is a long list of features. And I figure you won't upgrade, might as well start at the top.

Me: (Having a mini-heart attack of joy and wondering if this is all a dream) true, I've had my sewing machine for 17 years and haven't upgraded. I'll look up the 936. Hope it has a differential feed.

Hubs: If that's not what you want, pick one and let me know. Unless you want something else for Mother's Day and Graduation.

Me: No, it's a great idea! I could make all the princess dresses for the little girls!

Hubby: What does this thing do anyway? Why is a serger so special?

Me: It ....oh, how do I explain this.... it, it takes the "home made" look out. Things will look more like you bought them at a store. The stitches look like... um, the stitching inside your clothes, see that, that's what it does.

Him: hmm. ok.

So, I've been looking up the Viking 936 and its an amazing machine. I'm not finding any bad reviews on it, but I am not really finding a whole lot about it either. Most people have a Singer or a Brother or something popular like that, which is giving me second thoughts. But... the more I look at this machine the more I drool over it. It's a Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936.

Anyone know anything about it? Do I really want this one? Or should I consider another brand/model? I don't want to start with one I'll outgrow in a year, why upgrade, just start with the one I will keep and use forever. What do you have? Do you love it?

I'm so excited!!!


Wolfpak5 said...

Congrats on your present. This is out of my league so no big sister advice to give you.

Kate said...

Fun! I bet Erin over at A Dress A Day could give some advice.

Living With Cavemen said...

It has the name Viking in it, so we approve. And I know you've wanted one for a REALLY long time. Other than that, I know nothing about it. Congrats! You deserve it!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't know what kind my MIL has, but you're right-the serger sure does take the homemade look out.


Mary said...

I'm also looking at a Bernina 1300. hmmm...

Jessica said...

I can't say anything about the new sergers on the market right now, but I have an older Pfaff HobbyLock 4870, and I love it! It has up to 5 thread capacity has differential feed and does everything I need it to do. Pfaff is a really good brand, but I know there are lots of other great ones too. I've heard good things about babylock's air jet threading system if you are scared to thread one. I think as long as you don't get a low end model and you make sure it has all the features you want, you'll be happy.