Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Roadtrips

My mom and my sister are roadtripping their way west and home again. They went from Montana/Wyoming to Napa, California. It's a two-day drive for them, but the second day isn't as long as the first. They spent the night in Nevada in both directions and found good places to stop and eat along the way. They ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe! Fun times!

They sound like they are having a good trip, despite the purpose of the journey. They went on this whirlwind trip because Great Aunt Spuddie passed away; Mom and Sis went to the services.

Katie got in her car Friday evening and began her coast to coast roadtrip. We've spoken several times since she's been on the road. Here are the trip details ... I'll update as I hear from her, so check back for new updates! And you can refer to the map in the last post if you'd like, just click it to make it big enough to view.

Friday 7:30 pm PST - The great adventure begins!

Saturday 10:00 am MST - Almost to Albuqueque, New Mexico. Stopped and napped for a couple of hours somewhere.

Saturday, 4:30 Central - Stopped at Starbucks in Amarillo, Texas. She notes that Texas has a lot of ugly scrubby little bushes.

Saturday late afternoon - She saw Cadillac Ranch, the Giant Cross (which she thought was kind of creepy), and the tilted water tower. Entering Oklahoma, she didn't see a big "Welcome to Oklahoma" sign. What is up with that?

Saturday Evening - Oklahoma is kinda old and ghetto. She stopped in Oklahoma City at Subway. Yum.

Saturday 10:15 pm Central - Listening to an oldies radio station. Sure are a lot of church signs! A coyote ran in front of her car.

Saturday 11:30 pm Central - Leaves Oklahoma and enters Arkansas. The speed limit changes at the border from 75 to 70mph. Katie immediately gets pulled over for going 80. She agrees to make a donation to the great state of Arkansas, as requested on her ticket.

Sunday 12:30 pm Central time - Just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. She stopped and slept for a while in a Super Walmart parking lot after driving all night. She has gone 2000 miles so far and only has 500 left to go!

Sunday 6:15 pacific time, 9:15 Eastern, She arrived in Charleston! 47 hours!!!

My sister dropped my mom at her house in Wyoming and is almost home to her house in Montana. They had a good roadtrip too!


Michelle said...

Wow. That is some SERIOUS driving. I'm amazed she got there so quickly (but yay for making it safely), but she definitely had the appropriate motivation!

Wolfpak5 said...

Very glad to hear that Katie made it safe and sound. I hope I don't have to take any road trips in the near future. I need a break. It would be nice to just sit at home for a while.

Mmom said...

Whoo-hoo!! A 3 bedroom cottage. When do we leave? Probably not before October. Our calendar is pretty full for August, Ireland in Sept, and another trip to Napa at end of Sept, so October might work. Tell her to send a snail mail address.