Friday, July 24, 2009

To Vacation, or not to vacation.. hmmm...

We were so busy in May and June, that the laziness of July has been extra sweet!

Our original plan, as usual, was to drive to my husband's hometown in South Dakota to attend a family reunion, stop by my Grandma's house in Wyoming for a bit and then drive home. It's 1685 miles one way, then back again. It's a long drive! And we do it every year with the whole family and the dog.

But on the heels of two graduations, a wedding, moving the big girls out, painting and reorganizing the house, teething, and all that went with the excitement of June... we decided not to go on vacation at the end of July. It's just too much work!

But, wait. Did we just cancel our vacation to go back and see family and friends because we are too lazy? By golly, we did. That's just LAZY!

After a few relaxing weeks, we decided we've recovered enough to go ahead and treat ourselves to a much deserved fun vacation after all. We will trek across the desert and over the mountains and across the plains! Crammed in our mini-van for 30 hours at a time! We will pack it up and move it out! North-Eastern Bound!!!

It is a lot of work, but it's always fun and we always have a great time. We don't get much sleep for a week, but sleep is over rated anyway.

The vacation is back on the calendar! Look out, inlaws and outlaws, here we come!


Alicia said...

okay! so if you drive by my house when it is not the middle of the night you need to STOP this year on the way there or on the way back!! i would love to visit with all of your girls and you too!! ;-)

Wolfpak5 said...

When are you coming?

Mary~Momathon said...

We don't have that figured out yet.

Shelley said...

Oh my are a brave woman, Mary! you drive through Denver? :)