Friday, July 3, 2009


Our next door neighbors had an intruder tonight.They have two dogs; you’d think that would be a deterrent, but no. They also have two turtles in an aquarium. They aren’t guard turtles; what a lack in security! The animals were very inviting for the intruder, especially since the intruder is 3 years old and knows the names of all the animals in their house.

That’s right. My three year old broke into the neighbor’s house while they were gone. You see, it went like this…

Tonight we ran to Sams Club and brought home a van load of groceries. We went kind of late in the afternoon and the place was a madhouse; of course, they didn’t have anywhere near enough checkstands open. Since it's getting too late to make dinner, we grabbed a ready-to-eat chicken for dinner.

Got home and unloaded, put all the thawing stuff in the freezer, Gracie was running around happy to be out of the van and free again. We had all the doors open, and opened the back patio door too for air flow.Ahhh, nice! Gracie ran out back and came running back in announcing she was going to play with Teddy and Yessica.

Teddy is the dog next door and "Yessica" is actually Jessica in toddler-speak. Jessica is the 18 yr old neighbor girl who adores Gracie. Ok, fine, go play. One of their vehicles is home, which means someone is probably there. She scampered through the gate between our back yards and our dog followed too. I watched long enough to make sure the gate didn’t latch shut behind them so they could get back home.

We finished bringing in the groceries and then I went through the gate to call Gracie to come and eat chicken. Dinner’s ready! I looked through the gate and called her name and I could see her through their patio door. She was dancing in their house, dogs circling, tails wagging, cool! I’ll go eat without her bugging me and come back for her later; she’s obviously having fun.

Half an hour or so goes by, maybe more, I dunno. And I remember Gracie hasn’t eaten yet, I have to go get her. Although, if she is next door, she’s probably being fed something fabulous. I wonder what I’m missing out on and decide to go let them know we know Gracie is there and she can come home and eat or stay and play, whatever works for them is fine with me. She already had a bath so no rush getting her home.

Hmmm... looking in there, it’s kind of dark. There’s Gracie. Where is everyone else? Door is locked. Um, that’s not right. Hello? Hello? Oh my Gosh! Is my daughter dancing and playing and running around in their house and they aren’t home?!!?!

Holy Hannah! How did she get in there? So I holler, “Gracie! Come outside!” “Ok, mama!”,and off she runs. Then she magically appeared coming out of the dog door to their garage. Oh Lordy. I tried the garage door that has the cut-out on it, it was open. I have to see how she got into the house part of the house, and try to get my dog out of their house. That might look suspicious leaving my dog in there. The door from the garage to the house was shut, but unlocked. I called my stupid dog and she came running.

It’s kind of funny, but I sure hope my neighbors aren’t freaked out when they get home. What if she moved something? What if something got knocked over? Why did they leave a door unlocked? Why do they have such an inviting home with welcoming dogs and turtles? I tried to call them and tell them there was a break in due to their lack of home security, it’s all their fault really that they had a 3 yr old intruder! But neither one of them answered. I’m just going to hope for the best and confess tomorrow. I'm so embarrassed!


Kallee said...

O MY!! That is SO funny! I'm sure Gracie caused a ton of damage. :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh that's hilarious!!

Michelle said...

See? This is what happens when you have good friends and good neighbors ;) At least all was well with Gracie!

Living With Cavemen said...

ROFLOL!!! OMG, I really LOVE that girl!!!

Wolfpak5 said...

Did you ever talk to your neighbors about their home security. You can hire Gracie out as a home security expert.

Anonymous said...

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Mary said...

Thank you for your pet door instructions, Anonymous, but its not my door and I think my inquisitive daughter will have a pet door figured out in no time flat. The dogs next door have plenty of freedom, my dog does too. And if you read the post, you'd see my daughter has more freedom than she deserves. Thanks for the comment, but I'm thinking you didn't read the post, you're just selling pet doors.