Monday, October 12, 2009

1 Bully Request

Facebook is connecting my past with the present, family, friends, neighbors, study buddies, and people I barely know at all. You facebookers out there know what I'm talking about when I say it's a bizarre web of extreme coolness and awkwardness at the same time.

The other day I clicked on my little notice that said "1 Friend Request". Really? Who else do I know that isn't already on my facebook? To my surprise it was a gal from my hometown. I don't have my maiden name on my profile, but that little tidbit of missing info hasn't filtered out the old hometown people.

Honestly, I've been enjoying reconnecting with people from my childhood and teen years. I had no great ambition to reconnect with anyone there. After I graduated from high school, I disconnected all of my high school friendships and made little to no effort to keep the few friendship threads alive. I do have a big whopping total of three people that I always wondered how they were, hoped they were well and happy and successful. I did see people from high school when I went home to visit, but I rarely go back. And when I do, it's small talk, nothing substantial.

Facebook is kicking life back into my old childhood friendships and I have discovered that there are some great people out there and I was really missing out on some nice friendships! However... not all of them are so wonderful.

I got a friend request from an old school bully. I wouldn't say she tormented me, but I would say her bullying was on the edge of what could be considered "torment". She made sure every moment in her presence was a miserable one. I was never friends with her and I haven't heard from her or about her since 1983. Can't say I missed her either. From age 6 to 18 I couldn't stand being anywhere near her and now she wants to be my facebook friend?

I sat in my home, comfy and enjoying some computer time while my precious little ones were playing on the floor nearby and I found myself staring at this little photo of a nice looking 45 yr old woman blowing a kiss, and I just felt like an over-teased little kid for a moment. Gah!

I simply don't care if this one person has changed or not. Maybe she is wonderful. I don't care. Maybe she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Don't care. Maybe she gives to charity, pays taxes, volunteers. Yeah, don't care. Maybe she's rich and famous. Good for her. Don't care.

On the other hand... maybe she's in prison. Maybe she is dying. Maybe she has financial woes. Maybe she needs help. Well, I don't care. And I'm not curious enough to find out. Cold and bitter? Gosh, I guess I might be.

Did you know I could hold a grudge for decades? I really should get over it! But not today! There was no hesitation on my part when I clicked "DENY the Bully!"


Shelley said...

I feel the same way about Facebook...I don't have my maiden name on mine either. I only have a couple of people from high school that I'm interested in staying in touch with. However, that hasn't stopped people from high school from trying to "friend" me. Most of them? I'm sitting there thinking, "ok we were NOT friends in high why would I want you as a "friend" now?" So bizarre. The ignore button is a wonderful thing. lol

Kate said...

I have a few of those. "Ignore"

Of course, there is a former friend who has blocked me, but I can see that he has because he talks with mutual friends and I can only see their responses and it's clearly him (no one else cares as much about certain things as he does). That kind of bothers me. If you don't want to be my friend, fine, but why block me/hide? I wasn't the bully!!

Alicia said...

you make me laugh all the time! I think we all have a few of those!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Yeah think I'd be hitting the deny button too!

Wolfpak5 said...

Hey little sis, I added your "bully" as my friend on facebook. I never had any problems with her.

Michelle said...

Wow, remind me not to get on your bad side :) I've gotten a few requests from people I don't remember, but fortunately no one I couldn't stand. Then again, I haven't logged on in eons. Oops.

Living With Cavemen said...

Yeah, I have hit ignore for some of the suggestions & requests too. It is nice reconnecting with some of the people from days past.