Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Baby-Cakes!

A few days late on the birthday blog post, but that's my style. Hard to believe my brand new baby is a year old already! What an incredible year!

Rather than throw a birthday party and invite people over for cake and beer, make them bring presents, ruin their plans for a lazy evening of unwinding from their own stress... I have been saying No to throwing birthday parties. We can hold off on those until the kids want them rather than pretending the kids want them now. In lieu of the birthday party, we have been going on Birthday Outings. For Libby's first birthday we went to Disneyland! (Daddy couldn't go, he had to work)

This is Libby's 3rd trip to Disneyland, she went on Gracie's birthday in March and my birthday in August. She just loved Disneyland! We all did! And we still haven't seen it all, three trips and we have only just begun! Libby's favorite things at Disneyland are the Tiki Room and It's a Small World. This trip she slept through the Small World ride, but she fought that nap so hard that even the Small World puppets didn't wake her. We also rode the submarine, the train and the Monorail. Fun stuff! Since the girls were doing great and it gets dark earlier, we stayed for the fireworks show. It was amazing and the girls watched with big wide eyes and ear to ear smiles. Libby had a great day and was asleep before we got out of the Mickey Mouse parking structure.

Our day at Disneyland was on Wednesday and on Saturday we had her little party at home. We had a moment when everyone was here, although it was late, we stuck a candle in her cake and had our little celebration. I know it took a few days to get to doing the party but I had to buy a cake!

I looked at SuperTarget and their cakes were ugly. They must not have a skilled decorator, the cakes were frosted and then plastic things just stuck on them. Went to Albertson's where I normally buy our decorated cakes. The cakes were ugly there too! All the piping was crooked and not well done. Flowers or blobs? Hard to decide. They had one nice looking cake but it said, "Happy Bithday". I just refuse to swipe my credit card on a misspelled birthday cake.

Found a cake at Stater Bros. The handwriting wasn't great, but it was good enough and the cake was pretty. They also had mini-cakes so I got a white one for the little birthday girl. I still have my suspicions about chocolate and her hives being somewhat related.

I was glad that we finally had her party because I wanted to give her the pile of clothes that I got at Children's Place. I did sneak a few outfits out of her birthday stash and she wore them early; I couldn't wait! I just love all the bright colors.

She didn't get much for toys, but she doesn't need any! This house is filled to the brim with toys. She did get a few little things to play with which is fine. Her big sisters gave her a pig that has the look and feel of a sock monkey. Very cute!

Happy Birthday, Baby Elizabeth! It's been a great year!


Shelley said...

Holy cow, I can't believe it's been a year already! It seems like just a couple of months ago that she was born! Happy Birthday, Lizzie!

Kate said...

Gosh, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Happy birthday, Libby!

Michelle said...

Wow, it really has been a year, hasn't it? What a cutie! Happy birthday to her and ummm happy bithday on the cake, really? Did you talk to anyone at the store to point it out? Things like that make me so sad....

Living With Cavemen said...

What a lovely princess she is! I really love the photo of her on the Merry-Go-round. Those cakes sure look yummy. The outfits are adorable. Happy Birthday Little Princess Libby Cakes!