Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Prescription Pretzel aka my glasses

When you are 17 months old, the world is a playground and everything is your toy. Including Mommy's glasses. Libby can say "Eye" and twist a pair of glasses into a knot quicker than I can leap through the air over an obstacle course of real toys screaming "Nooooo! My glasses!!!" She's fast, destructive and very cute.

Amazingly, her Minnie Mouse sunglasses are in perfect condition and she wears them often. How does that work?

Since twisting my glasses into a prescription pretzel was so much fun, she got my sunglasses and performed a similar maneuver. Not satisfied, she got Daddy's reading glasses and nearly snapped them in two. I've managed to bend the three pair of glasses back into shape, somewhat. My clear glasses ride crooked on my face now and my sunglasses have a floppy bow, but they'll do till I get some new ones. At least I didn't have to resort to duct tape repairs.

I went directly to GlassyEyes to see what he recommends for online glasses shopping. His mission is to save the world from overpriced prescription glasses. Love that! His blog was promoting a company that I've already ordered from, so that's great! His blog said it was buy one get one free weekend, so I hopped on over to EyeBuyDirect to get in on that deal. Turns out, I got too excited and didn't read the date on that special deal. But there was a 15% off coupon code that I was able to take advantage. Yay!

I ordered three pair: Two with normal clear lenses, and one pair of sunglasses. I am nearsighted, just need a single vision correction. I really do need them to drive, and to facebook when I'm using the wireless keyboard with the tv. Here is what I picked out. The top pair will be the sunglasses with 80% brown tint.

Three pair of glasses including frames, lenses, protective coatings and shipping came to a grand total of..... drum roll please.... $117.23! Thanks, Baby-cakes.


Wolfpak5 said...

You need to quit feeding her spinach. Then again, you will do anything for a shopping spree.

Michelle said...

Nice! I have to look into that, as I ummm misplaced my prescription sunglasses one week into having them, so now I'm not wearing glasses at all. I'm off to go explore. Thankee!