Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Swimming Lesson

Gracie is 4 years old now (as if you didn't know!).  Time for swimming lessons!

I happened to be on the city website (looking for more parks, of course) and I noticed it was the day for swimming lesson registrations.  Now, I had heard before that on swim lesson registration day, you need to get online just after midnight to get registered into a class. They fill up just a few minutes after midnight.  It was 10am so I figured I had a snowball's chance in hell to get her signed up, but I thought I'd take a peek anyway.

There were all kinds of openings! I picked a Level I class that didn't require "parent participation" and Ta-Da! She's registered for swim lessons!

Her first lesson was yesterday.  Oh how cute!  A little line-up of 4 yr olds in the pool, I almost had a cute attack!  Her teacher is a boy named Hunter; according to Gracie he is really big and strong. I thought he was a great teacher too. He learned all six of their names in no time. Oh sure, the girls were all named Isabella except Gracie, but still, he got them all right. He had lots of fun little songs that he sang to get the kids to do their water exploration.

It was so funny. He had them all put their face in the water. Five of them put their chin in and Gracie turned her head so the tips of her hair dipped in. He kind of chuckled like he had a trick up  his sleeve for these little hooligans. He said "Who wants to play Pirates? He got them all to say "R-R-R" and collect a "treasure", and then he dunked them one by one. Every one of them looked scared and not one cried. He was really quick with his "Good Job!" and a high five.

Before Gracie's lesson started we watched another class, the kids were older. They were all jumping off the edge to their teacher.  Gracie said "I am not doing that! No way! I will not jump!"  Guess what?  She jumped to her teacher twice!  And he dunked her under both times.

I'm glad she's in a class with a bunch of  kids who are at the same level as she is.  I was afraid she would be the biggest chicken in the class or that she wouldn't listen.  But, it was great! And Gracie did a very good job!

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Wolfpak5 said...

Before you know it she will be asking for her own backyard pool. I loved the photos.