Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Stay-At-Home-Mom doesn't know how to stay home

Know why I don't blog as much lately?  Because the weather is too beautiful to stay in!  It's not too cool, not too hot. I love May and June in California!

We've been getting out and about quite a bit. My neighbors even commented that I take the kids out almost every day. We're like Phineas and Ferb, "Hey, whatcha wanna do today?" Then we do it.

I started a new blog to write about all the places we go and just give a quick run down of parks and fun places for kids in the area.  I have about 15 blog posts in "draft mode" for that blog! We just go and go and go!  Quite a few of the moms in the mommy group that I belong to ask me about parks and places like that, so I decided to write a blog and refer them there.  Now I just have to slow down long enough to write a full post someday!

When we are home, we are potty training, babysitting, visiting and helping my pregnant daughter and her cats, trying to sew baby things, swimming in the plastic wading pool, and the normal every day stuff like cleaning, shopping, doing laundry. Ho hum.

It'll be too hot to step foot outside soon enough and then I'll plant the kids in front of the tv all day long and catch up on my blogs. 


Alicia said...

That's me too!! always going somewhere! Steve asked me today if we just made a mess and went to the pool. I guess that's basically what we did. The pool, naps, lunch, the library. It's a normal summer day!

More power to ya for getting out and having fun with the kids! house work can wait when it's nice outside!!

debi9kids said...

I just LOVE getting out with the kids as well. Although, after our vacation, we needed a week or two to decompress...
we should be back on the move again.

Wolfpak5 said...

And you give me a bad time about not being home.