Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is it possible to over-Disney the kids?

My children may be over-Disney'ed.  I guess it is possible.

Libby is 21 mths old and can sing several Disney songs.  So can Gracie, in fact, Gracie can sing lots of them!  Gracie's favorite is "Small World" but lately she's been singing "You've got a friend in me".  Libby chimes in with "me" in all the appropriate places. Libby sings, "I know you walked upon a dweem"  (pretty close to the real lyrics!). This is a Sleeping Beauty song.

Gracie can identify every Disney character, from which movie, and who then tell you all about the movie or story. Libby is not too far behind.  She can identify lots of Disney characters too!  Not too many slip past her. She doesn't know her colors yet, but she knows her Disney characters!

They both know their way around Disneyland. We don't even use the park map. But neither one know where we live. Hmmm.  Gracie knows for a fact that there are seven dwarfs, but she isn't sure how many sisters she has.

Our Disney passes aren't good until the end of August (and it might be too hot then).  We might have to try to normalize the kids a bit.  Not sure if I can counter-balance the Disney influence with nursery rhymes, colors, and the alphabet but I'll give it a whirl.  

Belle has a yellow dress.  Yellow.  Sleeping Beauty has a pink dress. Pink. Cinderella's dress is blue. Blue.  Snow White's dress is not white.  I know, that one is too confusing. Let's move on.....

A is for Alice in Wonderland
B is for Beauty and the Beast
C is for Cars and Chick Hicks

This might be harder than I thought.


Alicia said...

D is for Donald and Daisy Duck
E is for Eeyore (pooh's friend)
F is for Flik (from it's a Bugs Life)
G is for Goofy and Genie
H is for my Hannah!!! (can't think of one for Disney)
I is for well I don't know :-(
J is for Jessie
K is for Kanga (Roo's Mommy)
L is for Lightning McQueen
M is for Mater (lightning's best bud)
N and O not really sure
P is for Pocahontas
Q is for the Queen of Hearts
R is for Rafiki
S is for Snow White
T is for Tigger of course
U and V still out on that....
W is for Woody!!
X, Y, and Z....well I am still out on that too, but man that fills in a lot for you!

Mary~Momathon said...

Alicia, you are awesome!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Maybe just a tiny bit of Disney overload lol

you know those moms that don't let their kids wear character shirts are totally tisk-tisking you right now ;)

Michelle said...

Eh, they've got time to learn their letters and numbers and colors. Having fun and memories is what really matters at this point - have fun!

Sharon said...

I just stumbled across your blog. Couldn't help but see the similarities between you and I... I also have two batches of two kids. Although my little ones are just a big older than yours.

I loved your comment that your kids know their way around Disney, but don't know where they live. Priceless!