Friday, July 2, 2010

Evil Picnic Table Spider!

Watch out for the nasty spider under the picnic table!!!

I got bit on the leg yesterday. I sat at a picnic table and noticed there were some spider webs on one end, so I sat on the other end, just for a bit to help Libby take off her shoes and then put them back on two seconds later. Then I had an itch on my leg, so I looked to scratch it. Dang, I had a little red welt. I scratched :doh: and looked again and it was like an m&m and turning blue with red around it. Then I said to my friend "dammit, something bit me" and then it was quarter sized and raised. My friend said "OMG that looks awful!" And it did, it looked like a tumor.

I got the kids packed up and was ready to head for the van and looked at my leg cuz it was burning and hurting like crazy and it was HUGE. Like a golf ball now! A blue golf ball! No wonder it was hurting so much! I told my friend, "Look at this!" And she said "it must have been a spider"

I got home and it was about 4" x 3" in an oval shape, still raised like a giant zit. I googled, I found that I should put it up, don't scratch and put an ice pack on it. So I did all that. It still hurt pretty bad but the swelling started to go down. I decided to tell my husband and he just raised one eyebrow and said "sneak outa here and go to urgent care". So, I did.

I'll never know how he does that eyebrow thing.

The swelling was going down and it wasn't as intense blue by the time the doc looked at it. He said the spider bite was right on a vein that is very close to the surface of my skin and the vein must have blown out and so that was just all blood. Then he says "so, it's just a bruise". Are you kidding me? I felt like such a dork! Who goes to urgent care for a bruise? He said ice it and elevate and don't google spider bites, that's a very bad idea. I felt about a foot tall.

But, it still freaking hurts and it's still blue and tender and I'm still thinking that it grew so fast that it was a good idea to get it checked out.

Stay away from the second picnic table on the left at Harveston Lake Park!!! Evil spider lives there!!! :swear:

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