Monday, August 23, 2010

My Big Blog Business Profits

Did you hear what happened in Philly?  I'm a long ways from Philadelphia, but that doesn't mean much these days.  Philly Bloggers are being told to pay for a business license!

Read about it here:  Philly Requiring Bloggers to Pay $300 For Business License

Good thing I never did figure out how to monetize my blog!  Besides, I didn't figure I would ever make much from putting Google ads on my blog, maybe a few pennies per year.  Hardly worth it for me to have it full of advertisements.  I prefer my blog to be ad-free.

But, I was thinking of montezing my other two blogs.  I write one about all the fun places I take the kids, so it is a tourist review type of blog.  And the other one is product reviews.  I have not been writing much lately on any of my blogs, but I'm always thinking of great things to blog about. I keep thinking that someday I'll get caught up and I'll put Google ads on my review blogs. 

Hmmm, maybe I won't!  My blogs are certainly not a business!  I'm not out to get "customers".  Should be interesting to see where this story goes. My guess is it will be a nice liner for a bird cage.

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