Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Disneyland Birthday

My husband asked me the other day, "What do you want for your birthday?" And I replied with all sincerity, "I want to go to Disneyland!"  So, I did!

We have annual passes to Disneyland, but they are only good for 170 days of the year (as opposed to the 365 days that my calendar claims are in a year, but I'm way too cheap to buy the Premium Pass).  After being blocked out all summer, we finally were allowed back in! 

All week long it was over 100 degrees here.  I was afraid we wouldn't be able to go; we went last year when it was over 100 and I swore I'd never do that again! Way too hot!  But the weather worked out nicely for us yesterday. It was 94 when we left the house at 10am and it was 81 when we got there!  So nice!   Oddly enough, it was those same temperatures when we left and got home again.  Ten degrees warmer at home. I'm sure it was over 100 at home while we were in Anaheim, but we didn't have to suffer in it, so all was well.  The dog might disagree though, she had the unfortunate experience of being shut in the house after I turned off the air conditioner. Poor fur-ball.

The day was great! We saw a lot of characters, which surprises me since it was so hot. Gracie was hoping to see Daisy Duck. I don't recall ever seeing her, that would be fun. We didn't see her this trip either.  We saw Donald Duck, Chip 'n Dale, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts, Woody, Jessie, Fairy Godmother, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Snow White.  We were able to visit most of them, but a few of them we just waved instead of standing in line to see them.

We didn't go to many attractions. We went to the Tiki Room, Small World, Talk to Crush, and Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. For some odd reason, we just didn't get into many attractions.  We did spend an hour or more in Bugland at Princess Dot's Splash Garden.  We've never done that before and the kids loved it on such a hot day! We did catch a little bit of the Glowfest show while we ate ice cream and then we caught our bus back to the parking lot.

The day flew by so quickly! 

Now that we've done so many different things at Disneyland and California Adventure, the kids want to do it all each time we go back.  We just can't do everything so I told them to think of one thing they wanted to do but we didn't get to and we'll be sure to do it next time.  Gracie said she wanted to ride "Winnie the Pooh".  And then I asked them what was their favorite thing we did all day long. Gracie replied "Princesses" and Libby said "Minnie Mouse".  They just love the characters!


Katie Dwyer said...

You should spell it "Choo Choo train" because chew sounds gross!

Mary~Momathon said...

It is the way they spell it. He's a caterpillar. He eats.