Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's on the other side of that mountain?

The laundry is not a pile, it's not a mound, it's not anything that can be described by a lesser word than "mountain".  If you turn your head, you can see the dishes in the kitchen are piled up in the sink about the same height.  Mountainous!  I'm going to have to get some hiking boots and ropes and scale my mountains today. Ah, the adventures of motherhood are taking me to new heights!

There is a reason for the pile-up.  Several, actually. 

Last week Gracie wet her bed twice and had a bloody nose so many times I lost count. The sheets and blankets piled up and that's all I did for laundry last week, leaving all the clothes to wait their turn in the washer.  This built the foundation of today's mountain. 

This week we went camping at Big Bear.  Do you know how musty and dusty three sleeping bags smell when  you haven't rolled them out for a couple of years?  Ewww.  Those darn things along with our camping clothes and towels were tossed onto the laundry mountain.  And the pile of dishes grew.

We went to Oxnard this week too. Another quick overnighter.  We went to visit Grandma, Aunt Patty and cousin Jennifer who were visiting Cousins Jason and Jenni.  For this trip, we left Daddy at home to fend for himself. Since I wasn't home to keep the dishes and laundry going, it piled up some more.

Also, my brother came to visit last weekend.  I didn't waste any time doing housework while he was here, just had a nice time relaxing with my little brother.  Dishes multiply in the sink.  When he left, I tossed his towels and sheets from the bed he used onto the laundry hill.

For three weeks we had Lexie's friend staying with us, and her husband and their little girl.  A nice little family of three.  They cleaned up after themselves nicely by doing their own laundry and adding their towels to my growing mound.  And they helped out with dishes a bit too. If not for their help, I'm sure we would be buried by now!  They just left our home and I have hurled to the top of laundry mountain the sheets from the bed. 

Guests, traveling, camping and just our general every day living have created these mountains of crud and grime.  I am ready to go forth and conquer!  First, I will climb to the summit and view the world from the highest peak.  Might as well enjoy the view in this great adventure!

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Michelle said...

Oh I don't envy you. I am forced to deal with laundry before it gets to that state since we have laundry upstairs and a mountain would mean no one could get by in the hallway. It's a saving grace ;) Enjoy your catchup. Fingers crossed everything with Gracie is ... done now!