Sunday, September 12, 2010

Five Generations

Grandma wanted a five generation portrait done, and we all thought it was a great idea! We tossed around a few ideas and ended up deciding that Grandma and Mom would drive over 1000 miles to my house and we'd do the portrait here. The key to the plan was that we wanted Michael Fletcher to take the pictures, he is awesome!  Last week, they drove from Wyoming to California and we had our picture taken. 

Starting from the top:

Gracie is my grandma. She is 102 years old, but only chronologically. She's "younger" than a lot of old folks who are only in their 80s.  She was born in the same town where she lives now. 

Helen is my mom.  She is the daughter of Gracie.  I always forget how old she is, 70 something.  It doesn't matter because she looks and acts at least 20 years younger than her true age! My grandma often refers to her as "The Kid".

Me.  Mary.  I'm the daughter of Helen.  And the 3rd in line in this five generation thing we've got going on now. 

My daughter, Lexie.  She is 19 yrs old and just had a baby in August.

Charlie.  He is 3 weeks old and very happy and  healthy.  And that makes 5 generations!  Isn't that cool!

Here is a photo from one of our point and shoot cameras... not nearly the amazing quality as the professional pictures, but good enough for the blog.  All of us in one place sitting together.  So nice!


Michelle said...

Awwww that's so awesome! I've never been able to do more than 3 generations since I was hmmmm six? I LOVE that your mom and grandma are so vibrant. Kudos to them!

And congrats on Grandmahood!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Pretty cool!

Wolfpak5 said...

How come you didn't put your age in the list? It is a good photo and I love it. The Gma's are going to pick their favorite and make copies for us.