Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Open Letter to Kenneth the Commenter:

Hey "Kenneth",  yeah, you, the guy with no profile when I click your name,

Usually, I just love comments on my blog posts. Not this time. You are just a jerk, or a bot, I haven't decided which one yet. Probably a bot.

Did you search for blog posts that contained the words "dentist" and "child"? That must have been it. Obviously, you didn't read my blog post. I don't need a dentist that caters to children, or where they are experts with caring for children and have child friendly dental chairs. I really don't need a dental chair that gives me "the ambiance of playing". Oh, that's right, you didn't actually read what I wrote, you just assumed because you picked up two key words from your search. 

I also do not need a dentist office located in South Carolina. Nice of you to leave links to the office where you want me to go.  Again, you didn't read my blog, you just crapped out your spam on it. I cruised around your web site and there is a section "Meet the Staff". Hmm, where is Kenneth?  Oh, Kenneth, the spam advertiser for this dental office that I won't be going to... he's not listed.

Kenneth, thanks but no thanks for your concern about spending too much time in the waiting room with a child.  But, you see, if you had read my blog post and knew what you were commenting on, you would know that the waiting room was just the place where she wanted to be!   Bot.

If you are having a more difficult time getting through the comment security crapola, curse Kenneth.  I'm beefing up the anti-bot options on the comment settings which will make it more inconvenient for my one or two lovely much appreciated comments to get through now.


Kate said...

Ugh. That stinks. I agree about the security--mine is locked down hard as if it's some kind of super-secret blog about my super-exciting international-spy-type-life.

Wolfpak5 said...

I get strange comments at times too. I'm having a hard time reading the preschool one, it won't bring it up. Think maybe Kenneth had something to do with that too.