Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Have the Quickest Dentist Appointment Ever

It's easy.  Take along a two-yr old.  (she's 23 mths and 2 weeks to be specific, but the attitude is totally two!)

A week ago, I had my worst dentist appointment.  Got it done.  The left side of my mouth got a deep cleaning, 4 cavities filled and a wisdom tooth extracted.  No fun.  I'll blog about it later and backdate it so that it all fits in the stream nicely - yes, someday when I have time.  Anyway, I had a big gaping hole in my mouth from the tooth being pulled. Yesterday, I went in for a follow-up to see if I was healing ok. Which we all know is code for "so we can charge your insurance again".

I knew it would just be a quick check so I took Libby with me. She'll be fine..... Why do I think crazy thoughts like that?  When will I ever learn?

She was fine in the waiting area. We waited for 20 minutes.  She sat at a cute little children's table in some small little pint sized chairs.  She just loved the chairs!  She sat in every one of them and decided the green chair was the best.  On the table was on of those beads on wires things.  Happy little girl content in a little green chair playing with beads.  And then they called my name.

I plucked my happy toddler out of the little green chair that was just her size and it was like I turned on the sirens. Let the wailing begin!  She was screaming "Chair". I asked "Can I bring the little chair back with me?" The mean lab coat man said "No".  Ok, then.  Remember you said that.

I went back carrying my squirming screaming kid and was shown to a dental chair.  I tried to sit in it, but Libby just bucked and screamed and she got away from me.  She went screaming and running through the big room of stalls with me chasing her.  I caught her and held on tight, got in the dentist's chair and I heard them say, "let's just do this one quick" and Poof the dentist and his entourage surrounded me.

The dentist took a quick peek with his little mirror on a stick and said I was healing nicely.  Then he said very loudly so I could actually hear him over her high pitched screams, "she reminds me of my 2 yr old little girl". Haha.  Then he yells, "Did you know you have a huge canker sore right next to where we extracted the tooth?".  No, I did not.  He said it isn't in the tooth hole, it's next to it.  He says very loudly it looks sore but it'll heal.  Ugh, no wonder I'm in this much pain. Canker sores hurt like crazy all by themselves!  Libby is still screaming and kicking in my arms. Ok, you can go he says.

That took all of a couple of minutes, just like I thought it would.  And, I got to be seen right away and didn't have to wait my turn. Haha!

I shift Libby around and get a better grip on her flailing little body and reposition her so that I don't get smacked on my sore side of my face and walked out.

I really wish this was on video.  Really!  As I walked down the short hallway to the reception area and the waiting room, it was like I pushed the pause button on everyone.  Nobody moved.  The now full waiting room was fill of faces with jaws dropped, all of them staring with big fearful eyes. Even the reception area froze solid with fear.

I could read their minds.  "What did they do to that child back there?" I said to the nearest receptionist as I passed by, "She just wanted to take the little chair back with us".  Hahahaha!


Kate said...

This will become legendary at that office! And you can just hear it, "And he...(pause)...wouldn't let the little girl take her chair..." and everyone will gasp!

Michelle said...

Obviously mean man does NOT have children. Then again, after 4 kids, I'm surprised you didn't leave her in the waiting room - I'd have been tempted to ;)