Saturday, October 2, 2010

Limited Opportunities

Every fall, my husband gets homesick and his desire to move back to the middle of nowhere returns.  His urge to live on the barren prairie grows deeper.  And I cringe at the thought once again. 

Looking at our hometown paper at the jobs in the classified section, I was wondering what a busy mom with a BA in English would do in a little one-horse town.  Hmmm....  Here are the opportunities as listed in the paper:

Concrete finisher, oh darn they want 2 yrs of concrete finishing experience. 
Maintenance Man, I'm certainly not qualified to be any kind of a man.
Assistant cook at a hunting lodge, this one has potential even though I don't enjoy cooking.
Childcare worker, Hey! I could do that!
Newspaper delivery, um, no.
Cell phone store manager, ugh, can you imagine that headache?
Data entry, yawn.
food service worker in the prison, why don't they make the prisoners do that?
Motel housekeeper, it would be fun to play "guess that stain"
Nurse, I don't qualify for this one either
Caregiver, the job description of care and cleaning sounds like what I do now.
Administrative Assistant, I had that job, it drove me to college so I could get a better one.
Carpenter for "Hire-A-Husband", again, I'm not of the qualifying gender to be rented husband.
Truck Driver, darn, I don't know how to drive a truck.

And he wonders why my excitement doesn't just bubble over when he tosses around the idea of moving back to the land of nothing to do. 

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Mmom said...

Aberdeen must have at least two horses. It's not that bad. And then we could stop and see you on our way to Bonnie's. Is that White House Motel still right there on the edge of town and easy on and off the highway.