Friday, October 8, 2010

When you are married this long...

My husband and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.  That's a good long time, but not nearly enough for us.  We're going for the long haul, gonna see how long we can string this out.

Next week, we are going on a hot date.  "Hot Date" is a relative term, when you've been married this long it really just means we are going to be in the same place at the same time.  We're going to the dentist together!

I've been going to the dentist and getting all fixed up.  My smile is nice and healthy now.  Knowing he should do the same, my husband decided to finally get in the dentist chair too. After my appointment today, they gave me my next appointment for Wednesday at 10am, so I made Keith's appointment for the same time.

He is a few appointments behind me in the process now, but he will catch up.  I'm sure he will need similar work done, although I doubt he will have to get a wisdom tooth pulled like I did. That should save him some trouble.

While he is getting his exam and x-rays and all that new patient stuff, I will be in the next room getting braces put on.  Oh yes, I'm getting braces!  It will be so nice to have straight beautiful teeth, of course, that will take a couple of years to achieve. Keith is going to get braces too, but he first needs to get any dental health issues addressed.

At my appointment today, I just had to get my teeth polished with pumice and peroxide. Ick, but they feel so smooth and lovely now! The dentist said my gums look healthier than they did (before the root scaling aka deep cleaning) and my teeth look very good, no tarter buildup since my last visit.  Yippeee!  Good news from the dentist! He said if I'm getting braces to get the Sonic toothbrush, which is what the other dentist told me too. I've seen three dentists and one orthodontist in that office so far.

So next week, Keith and I are going to the dentist together and soon enough, we'll both have matching tin grins. How romantic!

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh man, you might get stuck together!