Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another use for Vaseline

Did you know that a 16 mth old can empty a jar of vaseline and smear it all over herself while her big sister/babysitter is going potty? Oh yes. A 16 mth old can grease herself all up from head to toe in under a minute!

Also, there is enough vaseline left on a toddlers hands to re-cover her belly after sister removes the slimey shirt.

And then.... this greased toddler can escape to the back yard while sister-sitter is letting the dog out and trying to figure out what to do the the vaseline monster.

Vaseline and dirt make a wonderful body and hair paste.

And, a toddler can remove her own diaper on the lawn even with vaseline/dirt covered paws. There is enough vaseline to continue to smear on her butt.

Grass sticks to a naked vaseline covered child.

According to the big sister/frustrated babysittter.... oven mitts are essential for baby care when vaseline is involved.

Vaseline also makes a very nice ring around the tub and enables the grass and dirt to stick to the sides of the tub too.

It's just amazing what fun a toddler can have with one little jar of Vaseline.


B. Fred said...

Laughing, Laughing, groaning. Oh the poor child and tub. How long did it take to clean up?

Rayne said...

oh, my! I have fortunately never, ever, had to deal with anything like this with my two girls. And for that, I am truly thankful.

Mary said...

Beth, I really don't know. I think it took Lexie quite some time to get Gracie clean. First a scrub under the running tub faucet then a bath, then a cleaner bath. We weren't home, we were out shopping for a new mini-van!

Rayne, same with my girls. This third one is whole new ballgame. What a tomboy and a fiesty little one we have on our hands! She's quick too!