Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well, my dear blog, I am taking an internet hiatus. I will miss my connection through the world wide web to the outside. But, I will put on my big girl pants and get through the withdrawals and resurface a less addicted person. I think every once in a while we need to get away from our crutches and stand on our own just to remember what that feels like. Gives a person a renewed appreciation for such things. Look for an update when I finish my internet addiction detox.


Kayla J said...

Hi, Mary:
Tattoo demonstration: The demonstration of the old timey way that soldiers did things. Marching and what not. lol!
Vacation is going... it's going.


B. Fred said...

Looking forward to hearing about our old stomping ground when you return from vacation.

Here's looking at you kid,

Rayne said...

Looking forward to your return.

Mama Stina said...

Hurry back, woman! You'll be missed here and on the board!