Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eyeglasses Drama

One of the princesses needs glasses. Oh dear, here we go!

For the full saga.... read my husband's blog

Short version:
I felt uncomfortable with the service at the JC Penny Optical store, there were a few little things that should have made me turn and run, but for some reason I wasn't in tune with my "I'm getting screwed" radar. Possibly because while my 16 yr old prissy princess was choosing frames for her sweet little expensive taste face, I was dealing with little princess pissy pants. Gracie (16 mths old) soaked through her diaper and peed all over her stroller, was bored outa her mind, wanted to run around and would love nothing more than to twist and break every pair of glasses in that store. So, here I am, trying to manage both princesses without losing my freaking mind and the lady helping us seemed like she was totally not sure what on earth she was doing.

Anyway, Lexie picks out a frame that costs $212. Lenses are an added expense. Ugh.

Came home frustrated and confused, since the lady seemed to be talking in circles while I was running in circles going the other direction.

Fast forward a bit. A week later I call JCP and check on the status of the order. I think they should be arriving soon. Guess what? JCP never ordered them! I have no idea why they never got ordered. She took my credit card number and all the info and we went through the entire purchasing deal. So, who knows?

JCP says they will place the order but I have to pay $10 to rush it now. Screw that. I told JCP that's ridiculous, forget it. We ordered her glasses online from Got the frames for $75 plus had to pay for the lenses. After insurance, we're paying $30 plus $9.95 for shipping. This is the EXACT same frame that she just HAD to have in the store!

Woo Hoooo! Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet!!!!!!!!


B. Fred said...

Those glasses can cost an arm and a leg. I agree thank goodness for the chance to get glasses from other places more cost effectively.

Rayne said...

Wow! That's a great savings. We do a lot of internet shopping for just the same reason.

Mary said...

On you can get a complete pair of glasses (frame & prescip lens) for $8! EIGHT DOLLARS!!!