Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Feet Spanish Lyrics

I'm trying to figure out what the penguins sing in Spanish. Here are the pieces I've gotten figured out, if you know more or can correct my mistakes, let me know!

This is in the middle of Gloria's Boogie Wonderland. The Penguin Rap:

Yo soy Raul, penguino mas cool, latino, 100% espanol, my brothers que!
Loco me llamen, una senorita me siento, como flama la fiesta, baile baile, muchachita
Mi corazon tiene dynamita boom! exacto! que coma en el plato
Si er tu papi penguino (booyaka booyaka)

My Way sung by Robin Williams to Gloria behind Mumble's back:

Yo se', se termino'
Nuestro amor, divino
Mis amigos, les declare',
Les dire'
Que estoy seguro
Que' es un hombre
Sin nada ma's
Si no un Senor
Con la'grimas
Debe decir
Debe gritar
Debe sentir
En la verdad
Luche, gano
Sobre sal
Lo hice My Way!

(ok, I admit, I kinda lose it at the end there, one verse totally doesn't make sense)


B. Fred said...

Are you taking Spanish, Ms. Student?

Mary said...

Not lately. I studied it for a while but then i hit a brick wall in my brain and couldn't get any farther. I took 4 Spanish classes, and haven't had any classes or practice for almost 2 years now. Still, I would like to learn it. I'm far from fluent. I'd love to keep learning but I ran out of brain cells.

Kayla J said...

Why am I not on your princess list?! I mean...all the late-night backgammon I've played with you!!! LOL!
Love ya Mary