Friday, July 13, 2007

Selling my old van

Well, she's lived a long fun filled life. Time to let her go. I bought some window chalk and we wrote "For Sale" on the windows.

This old mini-van has been my best friend (sad statement about my social life, isn't it). It's a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. When we bought it used and abused from a junkyard in North Dakota. It had been rear ended and it was totaled. So, hubby and his brother and a few beers between them fixed it all up good as new (ah, close enough).

That was six years and 90,000 miles ago. We've driven the girl all over the nation - nearly. She's taken us through:
North Dakota
South Dakota
She's been through rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind, sun, and every thing else I can think of as far as weather.

Tomorrow morning may be the end of our friendship. Our friendship can be bought for a mere $2900. The guy coming over tomorrow to look at the old gal is a TV producer looking for a new star. The Caravan is auditioning for a part as a sexy mini-van in a reality show. (Ok, I made up the sexy part). But they are filming a show in our area and looking for a vehicle just like this one. Hopefully everything will go well with the "audition" and she'll end her long hard life with a bit of fame and possible a big explosion. That'd be cool!

By the way.... I just realized I don't have many good pics of my precious mini-van. But in my defense.... who takes pictures of their mini-van? That one isn't too bad, you can see the old gal and see what fun she's having camping with us.


B. Fred said...

For a used and abused vehicle, she doesn't look bad. Sounds like she has done her best for you.

Mary said...

The old girl is aging well on the outside, but under the hood she's got some problems that can't be easily solved. 151,000 miles! I guess it would be better if she becomes a tv star than if a family and children take her and break down somewhere. I'd hate to be in that situation myself.