Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shopping while Lactating

Keith took Gracie shopping and I took Libby. I went to Kohls, which was packed solid. Of course, as soon as we got there Libby decided it was lunchtime. There isn't really a place to sit down in Kohls, so I went to the dressing rooms. Bingo! An open dressing room and it was a handicapped stall! So much better than the regular stall with just a triangle to perch on. I got all comfy on the bench and fed the baby.

It was kind of odd in there. As busy as the store was, there wasn't anyone in the dressing rooms. After a while the lights went out. They are those motion lights I guess. Since I was sitting still they went out. I had to wait till Libby was done to move enough to activate the lights again. When I finished feeding her, I put her back in her stroller, got my self put back together and strolled back into the store.

That's when I realized it. I had been in the Mens' Dressing Rooms! Whoops!

After toodling through some more stores, Libby exploded in her diaper and had her gourmet mustard poop down to her knees and up her back. Lovely.

I called Keith and told him to get some bigger diapers, any kind, just bigger!

So, I strolled her back to the van and changed her there, then of course she was hungry. So I bagged up her butt bomb, and scooped her up and got in the drivers seat with her. I was moving the seat back and getting comfy when I noticed this woman giving me the stink-eye.

She was really giving me the glare too. Can't believe laser beams didn't shoot out of her eyes and bore my skull. But, I'm sure she only had my baby's best interest at heart. I bet it looked like I was gonna drive away with my baby in my lap. But I'd never do that!

I have my 3rd row folded down for strollers and shopping, and the middle row is all carseats, so I got in the front seat. I do prefer the middle row for nursing, not that it makes any difference in a parked car.

So I smiled at her and flipped the blanket over my shoulder, then I looked down at Libby and got her latched and all that. I looked up and saw that evil-eyed woman turn and walk away, but she glanced back a couple of times. I wonder how many more times she looked at me sitting there, cuz I sat there for a good 20 minutes before I put Libby back in her carseat, strapped her down and drove away.

Breastfeeding while shopping isn't easy. Roll Eyes


Shelley said...

Just stopping by quickly to say Merry Christmas! I hope you and the girls (and hubby) have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

Oooo, been there done that. All of that, actually -- except the lights going out and the men's dressing room part anyway ;) Good thing you had someone there to get you more diapers!

Merry Christmas!