Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Haircuts - Both of them

Two First Haircuts in Two Days.

First Haircut #1:
By Stylist Yazmine, age 5, behind the babysitter's back:

First Haircut #2:
By A trained professional at Sharkey's Kids Cuts in a Barbie jeep:

2008 is going down as the worst hair year ever! I'm still waiting for mine to grow out enough to even it out after my disaster cut. Gracie has a few chunks that need to grow out, but they blend in pretty well and the new do looks pretty cute! This should solve at least 3/4 of that pillow problem she has, and make mornings a little easier with the battle of the hairbrush.


Living With Cavemen said...

Sorry to hear about the first hair cut. I hope Yazmine doesn't grow up to be a hair stylist.

The second cut, the stylist did such a good job on salvaging the hair loss. That place looks really cool. I want to get my hair cut there.

Speaking of hair cuts...I need to get mine cut, but my bangs are still growing out from when I cut them too short & crooked on my own.

Kate said...

The first cut is a rite of passage, isn't it? Doesn't every little girl cut her friend's hair and/or get hers cut by same friend? My favorite is the story about my older sister whose friends parents freaked when they noticed that sis had cut their baby's hair. Big sis has very thick hair and it wasn't until my mom was brushing it the next day that clumps started falling out. Little miss angel wasn't just the victim! ;)

I love the 2nd cut. I love little girls with that sort of 1-length bob. It reminds me of Dolly Dingle and the Campbell Soup Kids.

Beverly said...

Gracie's hair looks cute!

Summer 2007-summer 2008 was our year of bad hair. I got one of those horrid cuts; I think it was Edward Scissor-hands who did it. I have thick hair, too. Lots of tears. Lots of hat wearing. It was difficult. My daughter had to let bangs grow out at the same time. It's all better now, though.

Just remember, hair really does grow back. If your bad cut was in May, it probably looks much better now. Hang in there!

Merry Christmas!


Shelley said...

Awww, the new cut is adorable. It looks really good on her. The first one...well, I agree with Kate, I think it is a rite of passage. My oldest and my youngest both did it to their own hair at the age of three or so.

Wolfpak5 said...

Don't your remember when we cut hair. It is a rite of passage and probably won't be the first time. Just wait until Libby gets her first hair cut by her older sis.