Saturday, December 13, 2008

We've discovered Santa Claus

Princess Gracie discovered Santa Claus. She has no memory of him from last year it seems. That's good, since she didn't care for him a year ago.

She's been learning about Santa and about presents. She's catching on pretty fast too. She told me today "Santa bring presents. My presents. Presents for Gwacie" Grin.

I asked my usual question, "What do you want in the presents?"

Gracie said "Chocolate!" Big grin.


Alicia said...

she is a girl for sure!!! i love kids!! how sweet of gracie.

Living With Cavemen said...

Good girl! Sounds like she learned about Chocolate too. She's my kind of girl!

Beverly said...

Oh, you are raising that girl right!

Last year, I was shopping with my now-14-year-old daughter. I was ooohhhing and aaahhhing over one of those towers of pretty boxes that are filled with different chocolate candies. My daughter said it was pretty but it was really too much chocolate.

"Honey, there is no such thing as too much chocolate," I gently reminded her.

A lady standing nearby overheard and leaned over to say, "Your mother is absolutely right!"


Happy Holidays!


Wolfpak5 said...

She is a girl after my heart. You can never go wrong with chocolate. It's in the genes you know.

Michelle said...

Your little girl is far wiser than her years ;) Next year, you'll hear her asking for diamonds, won't you?