Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Trip for Two! (and me too)

I won a trip for two to Catalina Island! The ticket is for two people to ride on the Catalina Flyer, which I learned from google is a boat.

"Our Catalina Flyer, the largest passenger-carrying catamaran on the West Coast, features a richly appointed interior, sweeping sun decks, full-service cocktail lounges, stately viewing windows and Ride Control. So if you want comfort, service, a friendly crew, or just want to work on your tan, the Catalina Flyer is your choice. The Catalina Flyer is not only the FASTEST boat, but the BEST way to the island."

The boat ride takes an hour and 15 mins so it should be long enough to be lots of fun! I think the little girls will enjoy it. There are two set times of day when the boat goes and comes back, so we'll have to be sure to be prompt so we don't miss the boat. Literally!

Of course, I'm taking my two little outing buddies to Catalina instead of my husband or a friend. I have more fun with these two than I ever thought possible. I just know they'll love going for a nice boat ride, spend the day at the beach, do a bit of walking around the shops and then another boat ride back. We'll just go for a day. The time between boat rides is about 6 hours, which is long enough for us. It would be nice to camp out or get a hotel and stay overnight, but I was looking at the websites for lodging and it's very expensive! Plus, everything you do is very expensive too. The girls and I don't need to go snorkeling or horseback riding or journey to the middle of the island to see the buffalo. We'll just beach it!

I can stake out the place for a future date with my husband. Wink Wink!

We have to go soon. The free tickets expire on May 28th. I'm really looking forward to the Catalina outing with the little girls! Now, I just have to decide which stroller to bring.


Shelley said...

Awesome! The little ones are going to LOVE that!

Wolfpak5 said...

If you little outing buddies don't want to go, you have a sis that would love to go with you.