Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moms Night Out

Note: I wrote this on two days, the first part on Friday morning, and the second part on Saturday morning. Mom's Night Out was Friday night and here it is, Sunday, so you just have to play catch-up!


I'm going!!! The local moms group that I attend infrequently is having a Moms Night out tonight. We are all abandoning our husbands and children and going out to eat without wrestling a long-armed toddler, no taking a little kid to a public restroom mid-meal, no watching Daddy eat a good hot meal while I'm letting mine get cold cuz I don't have enough arms, no falling out of my chair while reaching into the depths of my diaper bag (I'll never forget that).

I don't know these moms very well, just as acquaintances. I would know them all better if I could actually stand still long enough to have a decent conversation, but I end up chasing my kids and running away from any adult conversation that actually is happening. Most of them (ok, all of them) are younger than me, but that is the nature of the beast that is my life anyway.

I'm so excited to go out. I haven't had 5 minutes alone for weeks and weeks. Except in the shower and even then, they are right there waiting for me, yelling for me, sure wish my bathroom had a door! I did take the trash out, alone, just the other day. I needed a minute. They were watching me out the window and crying the whole time I was "gone".

I'm going to leave early for the moms dinner and linger as long as I can. I'm going to be pissed off if our table is next to a table with a little kid. No offense, but really, I don't want to deal with it for just one meal. Everyone in Temecula who is going to the Macaroni Grill tonight.... get a sitter. Seriously, don't come near me with your runts. I'm a woman on the edge.

Had a great time!

Went out with "Nora's Mom", "Becca's Mom", "that drooling baby's mom", "cutest baby at the halloween party's mom" and some other mom I've never met before. It's hard to get to know them very well when you don't go to baby group very often anymore and when you do, you just chase your toddler around and never engage in any actual conversation. Last time I went I spent most of my time crawling under the tables that were shoved to the side of the room in a long row trying to rescue Libby who kept trying to stand up under there and bumping her head. They were all very nice and a couple of them looked fabulous! I should have brushed my hair.

I ate a whole meal without anyone grabbing my plate, food or my silverware. I drank a full glass of water that didn't have slobber in it. I had a glass of wine too! Party on!

When I got home, Keith looked ragged. Geez, dude, you had a nap before you had to watch the kids. I made them dinner and gave them a bath before I left. How hard could it have been? Well.... they wouldn't eat their dinner, they wanted bites of his bowl of chili. So he had to struggle to get any of his own food. Then Libby grabbed his full spoon and he spilled chili all down his shirt. He says "this explains why you have food on your shirt all the time". Yes, yes it does. Then Libby had TWO dirty diapers. This man does not do diapers. He had to change TWO poopy diapers! He wasn't happy about that at all. Gracie was all upset because I was gone and she wouldn't move more than 4 feet away from him so he kept running over her every time he turned around. Yup, sounds familiar. She's 4, but she doesn't let me out of her sight, she really freaks out about that. Then he said he understands now why I needed some time to myself because it probably has been a while and three hours was exhausting. I told him the last time was when I got a babysitter for one hour and got my hair cut - last month!

All in all.... it was a fabulous night! When I got home Libby was still up and she hugged me so tight it felt wonderful. Gracie was sound asleep and she was super happy to see me this morning. Big adorable smile! It's so nice to be appreciated by the little runts! And the big guy too.

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Wolfpak5 said...

Glad that you enjoyed your night out with the Moms.