Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two New Blogs

In my spare time.... I'm writing two new blogs. I felt like I wanted a place to channel my thoughts in a more focused arena. This blog is all about everything - anything goes really.

I will still write here about what it is like to be the mom of a 21 yr old married daughter who wants a tattoo, an 18 yr old pregnant daughter, a 4 yr old stick of dynamite daughter, and a nearly two year old cheesy grinning daughter. I will still write about my life as a breast-feeding soon to be grandma. I'll still tell you about life as a college grad with no job prospects. I'll write about life as a teacher's wife. This is where you get to find out about bad haircuts, trips to Disneyland, funny things my kids say and do, crazy ideas my husband comes up with, and the antics that make me laugh and thank God that I didn't get to plan my own life. It's my kind of craziness that you all keep coming back for, right?

I continue to get a lot of hits on my one post where I reviewed a diet and exercise product. It amazes me how many people stop by to see what I had to say, every day! Well, I'm a consumer and I have an opinion about everything I buy. So, I decided to start a blog to review products. It'll be limited to products I actually purchase, so don't be looking for too many more diet products! Mostly toys and books and movies and that sort of thing. I'm calling it "Mama's Big Bunch of Opinions".

I also want to put together my little adventures in a blog. People have taken notice that I venture out with the kids and we go a lot of places. We try to play in lots of different parks. We have a pass to the Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Disneyland. We've been here and there and places in between. I am writing a blog about the places we go, an outing blog. Hopefully, it will be handy for other local families. I actually get questions from others such as, "Do you know of a good park for a two-yr old? What kind of playground fill does that park have? Are there bathrooms at this other park? Have you ever been to ?" We are blessed with so many places to go for a day trip or a little park outing. It'll be fun to keep track! This blog is called "Oh The Places We Go".

Neither blog has very many posts yet. They are both a work in progress! I have a ton of catching up to do if I'm going to do either blog any justice. This blog will still be devoted to randomness.

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