Monday, November 17, 2008


We had three earthquakes today so far! And it isn't even noon yet!

2am .... Thump! I jolted out of bed - Gracie fell out of bed. False alarm, not an earthquake. Except for Gracie of course! She wanted to stay in her pink room (she always calls it her pink room, apparently loving my paint job!). So she curled up half in and half out of her Barbie Dream House and spent the rest of the night on the floor like that.

4:36 am.... I was just getting Libby back to sleep, we were rocking in the glider and the whole house shook and groaned! Now that was an earthquake! I hate the sounds the house makes, it sounds like it is gonna fall in on ya. My husband rolled over and kept snoring. My dog lifted her sleepy head and plopped back down again. I kept rocking the baby waiting for an aftershock, but when 5am came around I decided to relax and go back to bed. I can't believe that didn't wake anyone up, geez, I was yelling "Earthquake!". It was a 4.1!

9:41 am... Everyone is at school except me and the littles. We were all cuddling in the lazy boy watching Dora La Exploradora, waiting for the eggs to hard boil (it turns out that Gracie doesn't like hard boiled eggs today, she wanted scrambled) and it happened again. The groaning and creeking, and the entire house shook! Again, I announce "Earthquake!" and so does Gracie. Apparently I think I am the town crier. It was a 3.8.

9:46 am.... Little bitty aftershock. Jiggle Jiggle. Only a 1.2.

These earthquakes were all from the same epicenter, about 15 miles from my wibbly wobbly house. I think we'll have milkshakes this afternoon, just to keep with the theme of the day.

The USGS site is here, Click and see where the earth shakes.


Wolfpak5 said...

I don't miss that at all. Nothing like the earth shaking and burning all at the same time. No thank you, I'll stick to the once in a blue moon blizzard of all blizzards. Ok, so we get below zero but any more that is getting rare.

Kate said...

Argh! I will take a hurricane that gives you a few days notice over an earthquake that surprises you multiple times afay.

Alicia said...

WOW! sounds like a mom panic moment and the family just sleeps right on through. Glad that your house is okay. Don't have too much fun today. Hopefully there won't be any more movin' or shakin' around today.

Living With Cavemen said...

Yikes! Tell Miss Gracie Pie I was only kidding when I told her to play Earthquake on daddy's bed to wake him up. Guess that wouldn't work anyway, huh?