Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weird Tuesday

Yesterday was so bizarre. As if the earthquakes on Monday weren't enough, Tuesday came along.

When I dropped Gracie off at the babysitter, I said "Bye, Gracie, I love you!" Her response: "Te quiero, mama!" Then she looks at the other little girl and says "Venga!" and off they ran. Weird, my daughter suddenly speaks Spanish.

Lexie gets out of school at noon, and I often forget to pick her up. Noon just rolls around too fast! Because of that, she usually calls me to see if I'm on my way or if she has to sit on the curb in the blazing hot sun waiting for me. Yesterday, I remembered! And this is what happened:

I was driving along, I'm 3 blocks from the school coming up to the stop sign on the corner with the big giant bushes, so you kind of have to sneak up past the stop sign to see around the corner. That's where my phone rang, it's Lexie. Like a dummy, I pick up my phone and say "Hello, yup I am on my way, almost there, ok bye" And that's when I stopped for the stop sign. And I look around the big giant bush and there he was... motorcycle cop.

He flipped on his lights at pointed at me. I couldn't believe it! I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving! Arg! And the dumb part is that my bluetooth was right there in my cupholder and I didn't use it!

Later in the afternoon when I arrived at the university parking lot, I pulled up to the parking pass machine to let it rob me again and give me my dashboard ticket so I can park for a couple of hours. Stupid machine wouldn't work! I drove over to the other machine on the other side of the parking lot. It wasn't working either! But, there was the parking lot cop writing out tickets, bet she was busy!

I'll be danged if I am getting two tickets in one day! So I got her attention and yelled to her to come over to me. I explained that neither machine was working and I need to park, she said she didn't do that, she couldn't help me, it wasn't her job, yadda yadda. I asked her to write me a guest pass for the day. Oh no, she can't do that, again, not her job and all that jazz, she'd have to call a police officer and ... Ok! I"ll wait! Call the officer!

He finally shows up and checks out the machine, it doesn't work. I ask for a guest pass, he actually has a handful of them. Good boy, he came prepared. I got one and avoided a $50 ticket! And a couple of other people who came up to the machine after I did got free parking passes too. Including the lady who was red faced and crying cuz she already got a ticket.

While waiting for class to begin, another scholar/student comes up to me and starts chatting away. She was jabbering on and on about something rather lame, and then the unthinkable happened. She must have had an itch. She just plunged a hand into her pants. Right there in front of me! And she kept right on talking! Another bizarre moment in my day.

On my way home from class, I noticed at least 6 people driving with cell phones up to their face.

Got home and I was so full of milk I thought I was going to explode! I sat down with my pump and unhooked one cup of my bra, and ewwwww! A spider! A little creepy crawly spider! In my bra! The bra I am wearing!!! Yes, there was a bit of screaming and I did a little spider in my bra dance which consisted of some jerking movements, possibly some jumping around, I'm sure it wasn't graceful by any stretch of the imagination.

As my day in bizzaro-world winds down, I was relaxing in front of the tv with the littles. I watched Biggest Loser and Libby played under her ADHD invoking canopy of bright colored toys and Gracie read books to her Barbies. Ahhhh.... But no relaxing, because on the Biggest Loser, Amy voted for Coleen! What! How! What on earth is happening! No Way! Why didn't she vote Vicky off! I am deeply disturbed.

I'm so glad its Wednesday now. It's a new day! Fresh start! Yesterday was just too strange.


Wolfpak5 said...

How much is this ticket going to cost you? I would go to court and plead for mercy, it was an emergency. I would love to see your spider dance on video. I'm laughing at my desk about that one.

Gwennie said...

About the ticket at the U, I work at the U of Arizona, and got a ticket for parking at a loading ramp ( has a driveway up to a side door) for 10 minutes to pick up my work ( Heavy) at 7 minutes pregnant. When I tried to appeal, they told me I have to pay the 50(!) ticket by bond, and then go see the appeal officer. I used to be a receptionist in this building and all the faculty and staff, and repair people drive up this drive! ARGH! Wish me luck, the hearing is tomorrow morning!

Living With Cavemen said...

Eek, a spider in the bra! Yikes!

Haha on the ticket.