Friday, November 28, 2008

Survival of the Fittest - at the Zoo

We spent the afternoon at the San Diego Zoo. It was great! One exhibit had some out of the ordinary excitement.

In the otter exhibit, Mother Nature paid a visit and reminded the crowd who is the boss. The otters share an exhibit with some little monkeys, I dunno what kind, crazy monkeys are all the same to me. Otters were in the water, monkeys in the trees. They are all just as adorable as can be.

A baby monkey fell from the tree and landed in amongst the otters. Two otters grabbed the cute little feller and tried to drown him. They were really going to kill that poor little baby monkey. Swayed by the cute little monkey's cries for help, a zoo visitor climbs over the railing and the glass half-wall and leaps in the otter water to save the baby monkey! This guy must think he's superman. The zoo officials have a different opinion.

So now there is a man in the water in the exhibit; baby monkey was rescued! Now the loud flailing man is suddenly confronted with a new situation.... oh yeah.... the monkeys are angry. They attacked him! The guy couldn't get out either.

Zookeepers start showing up. Tons of them. All of them with walkie-talkies and stern expressions. The crowd grew and people glued themselves to the railing. All eyes were on Psuedo-Superman, the otters, baby monkey and now the monkey grown ups.

I wonder if the baby was being a brat and the big monkeys pushed him in? Either way, the monkeys sure didn't like the rail jumper. Zookeepers rescued the man and took the baby monkey out too. Little monkey was hurt, not sure if the guy was hurt or not. I don't think the zoo keepers cared if he had any aches and pains.

We didn't get any pictures of the event of the day, we arrived just as the scuffle between man and beast ended and we were on the fringe of the crowd. I betcha it'll be on you tube tomorrow. There were a lot of cameras snapping away and camcorders recording these wild animals acting so... wild.


Alicia said...

Oh WOW!!! Drama is everywhere!!! Hehehe. You know me I will look it up on youtube!! :-)

Alicia said...

no video yet, but i will keep looking!!!

Kate said...

No way! Who in the heck thought mixing otters and monkeys was a good idea? I think my favorite part is when the big monkeys look at Puedo-Superman, think WTF, and proceed to kick his butt. =)

Wolfpak5 said...

All that drama and all of you guys missed the great photo op. Glad to hear that things worked out ok. What stories the kids are going to tell.

Kayla W said...

That's awesome! I want to see a video!

I love the new layout, by the way!