Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How big is your turkey?

I got a phone call yesterday. My little sis who lives in the frigid cold tundra was calling. She said "Do you want visitors?"

My jaw dropped. I squealed with excitement a big loud "YES!"

She said "ok, I'm booking this flight, see you tomorrow." Yippeee! She is bringing her two boys but leaving her husband home. He has to work.

Our turkey is big enough for three more to sit around our table for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is going to be fun having her here for a couple of days. We've lived her for over 5 years and she hasn't been out to visit yet. She keeps telling me she'll visit in 2010 or 2012. Maybe. I've never held out much hope that she'd ever come out to the coast, especially with her family. I figured the only way I was going to get her out here was if her employer sent her to a conference in San Diego. Fat chance for that!

That sort of explains why I'm in shock and awe over this spontaneous visit! We are all very excited that she is getting on a plane with her sons and heading west for turkey dinner! She claims she is just craving my husband's awesome turkey, stuffing and gravy. But I know the truth, she wants to meet the new baby!


Kathy said...

That is so exciting that she is coming out with the boys!!! Have fun, take lots of pictures!!!

Alicia said...

Yippie!! That has got to be so exciting for you! We just about did an impromptu visit to AZ until Katy got sick. Oh well.

Happy Thanksgiving!! You are gonna have an awesome day!

Kate said...

How fun! It's just the two of us for the first time this year. Our bird is 8 pounds. =)

tchrbev said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful, wonderful visit!

I love the new look of the blog, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!