Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Follow Up

The week in review: Nothing too exciting this week. I had a British Literature exam on Thursday and I think I kicked some poetic ass!!! Sweet!!! I had some bloodwork done this morning, which is the worst thing in the world to me. I'd rather get puked on. Speaking of... my baby is sick with a runny nose and fever. No puke. whew! Dodged that bullet. My dog has taken a new liking to digging in the back yard, which now looks like a mine field. I helped my husband brew another batch of home-made beer - Cherry Wheat. It's currently aging in a bucket in the bathtub. Hey, where do you keep your bucket of brew? Other than that, it's been a fairly normal week. Here are some questions and comments from the trenches:

This is my niece. I believe she is a future Girl Scout Cookie High Seller. I'm sure of it.
Living with cavemen
Your niece is super cute!!! Where does she get that adorable charm? From her mother? I don't see her as being much of a girl scout.... she doesn't seem to be the follower type. More of an individual do it her own way kinda girl. She does love cookies though.

When you wrote "ABC" I was trying to figure out who those initials stood for. I had not thought that you were actually talking about the "American Broadcasting Channel" (Or whatever they stand for?). That's crazy.
Yup, that ABC! We listed it on Craigslist and a couple of tv producers called us, came over with cash in hand and the deal was done. Sweet!

You're glasses will probably show up the day after your new ones arrive.
Living with Cavemen
Again, you spelled "your" wrong. You do that so I have something to nag about, right? That's so sweet of you, but really.... it's Y.O.U.R. Still haven't found my glasses, the charger with the extra battery stuck in it, or blue kitty. Also lost my kitchen timer. My new glasses shipped so I'm waiting for them to arrive. Hopefully soon!

I'm going to get this bumper sticker, what do you think?
I love it!!! And Jesus seemed to turn out ok.

Bossy is coming to San Diego on April 7! Are you interested?
Midterms will be over... Lemme see if I can get a sitter in the city. Sounds promising.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We're gonna have "I'm With Bossy" t-shirts!

Living With Cavemen said...

Next time I'll spell it yore! Hehehe, yes I love to drive to crazy with it.