Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where's My.....????

I've lost a lot of things: time, my sanity, my girlish figure, perky boobs, contact with the real world, etc. But lately, I'm losing my head.

The list of things I cannot find is growing.

First of all, I lost my glasses. I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 yrs old and I cannot ever remember misplacing my glasses to the point where they didn't show up after a few days. It's been two weeks and I totally can't find them.

I also can't find Blue Kitty. Princess Gracie's BEST friend!!! What kind of mommy loses Blue Kitty? Have you seen him? He's blue and cute and pretty quiet. Loves hugs from Miss Gracie.

Lost my camera battery charger and extra battery too. We have a Canon Digital Rebel, which has it's own "special" shaped battery. Can't just shove a 9 volt in there and call it good. So, our camera has been rendered useless without the charger.

To sum all of this up... lost my $200 glasses (I got a good deal on them), $32 blue kitty (specialty boutique item), $60 battery stuck in the $??? charger. I don't know how much the charger would be, spendy I'm sure! I wouldn't dare lose anything cheap!

I just ordered new glasses online from Global Eyeglasses for an amazing low price of $32 total. Such a good deal that now if I find my glasses I have an extra pair. With the way I've been losing things lately I think this is a great idea. Gotta have backup.

I'm going to continue to search for Blue Kitty and the battery charger. As soon as Blue Kitty turns up, she will be grounded. I have fears of finding her headless with half her stuffing pulled out. The dog is the prime suspect in this missing lovey mystery!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

At least you haven't lost your sense of humor!

Living With Cavemen said...

Bad Dog! I'm sure she is to blame in the Missing Blue Kitty. I'm guessing Miss Gracie has hidden the other 2 things. You're glasses will probably show up the day after your new ones arrive.

desirae said...

Oh I hope you found blue kitty. And I bet you find your glasses After your new ones get there. (Things always work out like that.)..