Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Stubborn Patient

A teenager without tonsils is a challenge! She's got a notebook and a pen so she can still be as sassy as ever, but otherwise she's pretty sick.

She has all kinds of pain pills and stuff to gargle and some antibiotics too. I have to cut up her pain pills. I crushed one between two spoons and she wrote on her notebook: "I'm not going to snort it like cocaine". So now I'm cutting them into three pieces so she can swallow them down with water.

That's the only water she will drink. She won't take ice chips or juice or popsicles or anything. She's driving me insane! She also won't take her antibiotics because they are in big capsules and she can't swallow them yet. And she won't gargle with her liquid gunk either. She just swallows her pain drugs and goes back to bed. Did I mention that she's driving me insane?

My husband force fed her a chocolate bar this morning. Good choice. Where's mine? I will eat it willingly!!!

She's only comfy in my bed. hmmmm.... not sure what is up with that, but that's ok. She can lay in my bed and drool on my pillow. If she weren't so dehydrated that she could actually drool that is. So her and the dog and some stuffed animals are all snoozing in my bed. Awwww!

I stayed home from school - yup, skipping again! - on Tues, Wed and today to take care of her. Not that she needs much more than a pill cut in half, but it's my mom duty to stick around and be close. I'm sure if I drove 40 miles to class, sure as shlt, she's spike a fever. So I'm staying home and trying my best not to totally hover, but just be here if needed. I told myself I'd write papers while she's recuperating, but so far I haven't made much progress. I have two papers due Monday and one of them needs to be super amazing. Yeah, it'll be something I whip outa my butt at the last minute. Amazing Indeed!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Don't forget to YouTube the poems--way better than reading them!

Steve and Alicia said...

hey there mary!! sounds like you are hanging in there well enough. just force her to drink! trust me it isn't fun to go back to the hospital with a dehydrated person who doesn't have tonsils!! (steve got another over night at the hospital!! it was horrible :-(

hang in there! it does get better!!

Living With Cavemen said...

Aw, poor Princess!! I love that she has that sassy notebook. LOL!
Hope she is feeling better soon & her pain goes away very soon. Glad she feels comfy in your bed. Mom's are always best when you feel crummy.
Big Hugs!!