Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Madness - Mom style

I can't wait till March is over. It's nuts!!! I have midterms and research papers and tons of studying to do. No time for anything else at all! I should pack my bags and move into the university library for a few weeks.

My oldest princess needs to finalize her summer job prospects before she drives me insane. She thinks she'll just get hired by showing up at her convenience. It's March! So I have been very busy nagging and nagging. She has her college mid-terms too. Wish she'd study! She's making me a nervous wreck.

Middle princess gets her tonsils out in a little over a week. I'm both excited and nervous. And the aftermath won't be fun for her which means it'll be hell for the rest of us. But then she'll be healthier and we can look forward to a better school year next year. She just signed up for next year's classes. She'll be a senior!!! I'm not sure how she suddenly got to be this far along in school. I swear, she was in middle school not that long ago.

Baby princess has a birthday at the end of this week. She will be 2 yrs old. I threatened to post-pone her birthday until she seems more ready to be 2, but it's coming anyway. I'm taking her to Seaworld for her day in lieu of a party. We will have a family dinner followed by pie. Gracie gets pie on her birthday because she was born on pi day.

My neighbors are organizing a block rummage sale. So whatever Saturday they choose, and they want to do this in March... I'll drag my crap out to the driveway and partake in the neighborhood garage gutting festivities.

Easter is in March too. Yeah, cuz March isn't busy enough! I invited my brother here for Easter but if he thinks I'm cleaning my house for his visit, he's mistaken. I have too much to do to take time to clean house for my brother. I haven't seen him in years, so I might run the vacuum... or I might not.

Never a dull moment around here!!!


Living With Cavemen said...

It is a MAD month!

Holly said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading it all. Good luck with midterms!!

Steve and Alicia said...

Oh Mary!!! Just forgot to throw in that every one usually stops to watch all the basketball they can take too this month!!

I still have to finish dresses and get a whole new sewer in my house. I'll have it up on the blog soon.

Fannie Mae said...

Yes, my college student complains about last summer's crappy job - forgetting it was all that was LEFT when she finally went out looking. Have things changed? No, they have not. Sheesh.

Shelley said...

My oldest is dreaming of a summer job too, but she needs to wait until after softball season is over, which will be the end of April. Also, she turns 16 at the beginning of April, so after that a lot more opportunities open up. Not many people want to hire 15 year-olds. She really wants to work in a clothing store. I'm praying it's not Hollister. lol