Friday, May 16, 2008

Freedom! My Classes are Done!!!

I finished my college semester! Yay! Freedom sure feels GREAT! I slept like a rock last night and woke up happy and stress free! Whoopppppeeeeeee!

This semester I took Medieval Literature Theory and Criticism, Studies in Shakespeare, British Literature II, and United States Literature II. I wrote at least a hundred pages of papers (I'm not exaggerating, this week alone I wrote over 40 pages). Between these 4 classes, I had 24 books and I read them all! Plus a pile of poetry.

I'm not taking any summer classes, although I do have a long list hoops to jump through for the university's three ring circus they call "administration".

While I was busy studying for final exams, reading that last novel and writing my final research papers, my family kept me busy too.

My husband had to work a little harder. Some kids at his school got caught doing stupid things, which always ties him up and makes his workdays a little longer. Nothing like red tape! So he was either working or exhausted from working. He works at a middle school teaching, and he's the computer tech support guy on campus too. Of course, there were technology issues this past week too. He also is a university professor a couple evenings a week, and he has two large classes this go-round so he had to modify his instruction. Yeah, that means more prep time and more time to grade essays and such. We haven't seen much of him lately.

My oldest princess just got a new job in a Bridal Shop. A princess selling dresses! Who could imagine! She is in heaven with this job and she's doing quite well; they love her! But, her manager was teaching her how to do something on the cash register and Princess Katie had one of her spells. She fainted, came to without a seizure, but fainted again. During her moments of unconsciousness, the manager called 911 and the paramedics arrived. They took her blood pressure, which was Zero/Zero. Dead people are more active! So they loaded her in the ambulance and off to the ER she went. They got a reading of 85/0 in the ER. Gave her a bag of IV fluid, and EKG test, did some bloodwork and checked her sugar level too. Guess what, after hours of fun in the ER, they decided nothing was wrong with her and she needs further evaluation with a cardiologist. So, I spent 5 hours of Mother's Day in the ER standing next to my daughter's gurney wishing someone would offer a chair to a pregnant woman. Didn't happen. Finally I decided to walk around and peek in all the curtains and find a stupid chair. I did. Hey, it was better than claiming the gurney next to her, which really was tempting.

Middle Princess also gave me a run in the great Mom-a-thon that I call life. She got hit right in the eye with a card. Yeah, right, who still plays cards? Bored kids in algebra class, that's who. What's wrong with kids these days, they can't shuffle a deck of cards? So, Lexie takes one right in the eye. Her eye was totally bloodshot, looked like it had a purplish bruise on the white part and maybe has a little cut in the cornea. Great. But I decided to see how it looked in the morning before rushing her off to urgent care or anything. Hey, I had papers to write! Next day at school, with her bloodshot eye, she gets caught walking to the far corner of the school campus to meet her friend for their lunchbreak. The picnic table she was headed for is near one of the gates and the security guard took one look at her and thought he caught a kid trying to ditch to go smoke pot. Obviously, she's going to her car to smoke pot cuz she's got that look of a drug-crazed teenager. So, to the office she goes. They searched her purse and she was found guilty of being in possession of DRUGS! Oh yeah, she had Advil and Claritin in her possession! Dang teenagers, carrying around over the counter medications! They did a pretty thorough search, cleaned out her entire purse while asking her where she hides her pot. They sniffed everything and checked all her makeup and things. They found all kinds of suspicious things to sniff and examine, such as the Advil, Claritin, a hot sauce packet, some tampons, eye liner, and pencil shavings. They searched her binder looking for who knows what, made her empty her pockets and then decided to hand down the sentencing. After the hour long interrogation, and their success in finding a kid with OTC drugs, she was deemed unworthy of attending school for 3 days. Suspended!

By the way, her eye is much better now. And yes, I had her with me in the ER and totally forgot to ask them to look at her eye. Thanks, Preggo-brain. Oh well, she didn't say anything so I'm blaming that oversight on her.

Little princess, not to be left out of vying for mommy's attention even though I declared that I will be neglecting everyone (they never listen), she has been pooping like a goose. Talk about STINK! This kid has had the nastiest diapers! I've started to use a mask over my nose and mouth to change her diapers. She thinks it's pretty cool, so she wears one too now. We're quite a pair! My husband had some disposable breathing masks in the garage for when he was cutting tile, they work great for nasty diapers! Her butt is fire-engine red and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is on that end of the toddler. I figured it was all the junk food and crap I stocked up on so my family could just graze and I wouldn't have to cook. Or maybe its all the apples she's been eating. I bought a bunch of convenience foods for grazing cuz I had finals and whatnot, I wasn't gonna be cooking anything! I ended up making a meal or two, but I didn't do the dishes.

Oh, my laptop died too. Yup, in the middle of all my studying and writing papers on it, and all that jazz. I was depending on it too! Got a new one on Monday. I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1525, Blossom Pink. The experts at Dell sent me a purple one. Barney Purple. They say it's Blossom Pink. What do I know? The laptop itself is very very nice! Aside from being a far cry from Pink.

In order to finish up my semester, I neglected the house, the kids, the husband, the dog, I tried my best to neglect everything and everyone. I moved Mother's Day to this coming Sunday since Cal State decided to ruin it for me by scheduling finals right around it. Friggin idiots. Oh well, I'm the mom and I can move holidays - the power of being the mommy is pretty great like that!

It's been such a busy couple of weeks lately, that left me with no time to spare. Today is my first day of FREEDOM! No more school till .... well... till I feel like tackling that summer list of things to do.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Can I get a Woop-Woop>

lizabelle79 said...

First of all CONGRATS!! Welcome to summer vacation. Second sounds like you've had a crazy few weeks. They seriously suspended your daughter without even doing a drug test or anything???? Can't you get some kind of doctor's note that says her eye was hurt? Good grief!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing! Gotta love that feeling of accomplishment.

So ummm is your daughter ok? What did the cardiologist say?

And you're lucky she was only suspended three days. If it's a drug, regardless of what kind (including OTC), there's a minimum 5 day suspension, no questions asked. They're really strict, even for kids with prescriptions, the medication has to go to the nurse with a doctor's note and only the nurse can dispense it.

Murphy's Law, eh? Oh yeah -- enjoy your Mother's Day this weekend!

Mary said...

Oh, yes, all my daughters are fine now. Of course, now that finals are over. ;)

We haven't seen the cardiologist yet, but it's on my list of things to do. She does have fainting spells from time to time. The last one was also while she was working, but a different job (Hollister). This has been going on since she was ten yrs old and so far, no answers.

I've only had one day off so far, I didn't get all my phone calls made for appts today, as I was cleaning toxic waste most of the day while wearing my nifty little face-mask!

Oh, and yes, there is a 5 day suspension rule, but they decided she was fairly innocent and only gave her 3 days. The principal finally called today.

desirae said...

So exactly how much is the street value of advil? clariton? Some times I think schools take it a little too far.. It's probably a good thing she didn't comment on the suspension to the officials.. (Meaning school security guard that actually graduated exactly 2 years ago and dropped out of the local college only getting the SWEET school job because he was the former football hero, and the principal who is probably an expert at drugs in all actuality because A. he is on them, or B. his son does them, and he constantly bails him out and covers up for him.) Anyways it's a good thing she didn't comment and say something like Whoo-hoo!! 3 whole days to lay around and do nothing but pop clariton, and walk around in crest white strips (I'm assuming that crest white strips would also be contraband.).. I'm thinking I would have fought the suspension.. Something along the lines of weapons (cards) in class, and the obvious lack of supervision and/or protection of the students..(maybe the teacher of that class was on an advil high? and the cards flying at eyes and other body parts was pretty entertaining...) I love that katie gets to work in a bridal shop.. That sounds like fun (well unless you get a bridezilla.).. I'm glad she's ok.. PS. I love the mask idea..

Alicia said...

I am so excited that you are all done with school for the summer! That just means that you are closer to heading my way NEXT month!!

WOW!! You have had quite the time with all of your girls it sounds like.

How is the one in the oven doing through all of this???

Kate said...

School's out! Now you get a break. Oh. Right...

Drugs at school are a nightmare. The only ones that are controlled are the harmless ones. Maybe I'm bitter because the school nurse wouldn't give me any Tylenol. I had a migraine so bad I laid on a cot with a blankie. And cried. But no Tylenol. And I'm obviously over 21.

How scary about Princess Katie's fainting spells.

Aathira said...

Schools sure seem to be acting crazy nowadays !