Sunday, May 4, 2008

Naming the Baby... We need Help!

Hmmmmmm...? Hmmm.... What should we name our half-baked baby #4? We were calling her Cletus the Fetus, but now we've changed her in utero name to Claudina Wilhelmina. If we don't come up with a good name, that one just might start sounding good and stick. We are taking name suggestions. We have to hurry, there are only 20 weeks left!

Here are the name rules:

1. The name has to be timeless, so that it fits her as a baby and as an old lady and every stage in between.
2. The name has to be able to have a nickname that has an -ie or -y ending like Katie & Lexie & Gracie. (But those aren't their Real names).
3. It would be nice to have a three-syllable name, but we could work around that by choosing just the right middle name.
4. It has to sound good with Schumacher - so it can't end in an s, sh, or th.
5. The name has to be a girl name - not neutral.
6. The name cannot end with "-Lene". so, there goes: Earline, Arlene, Pauline, Charlene, Claudine, Kylene, Faylene, Marlene, Maureen, Roline, Sabrine, Julien, Norine, ..... You get the idea
7. Can't sound like a stripper name. This means we are ruling out: Victoria, Candy, Jezebel, Elvira, Trixie .....
8. No scandalous political or celebrity names. So, not naming her: Hilary, Monica, Chelsea, Tipper, Reagan, Jenna or Barbara, Brittany, Miley or Lindsey.
9. Nothing that she will have to explain how to spell or pronounce every day of her life. Goodbye to: Cassiopeia, Baako, Xanthe (or anything that starts with an X), Raina, Adwen, Branwen, Kourtney, Uziah, Jordyn, MacKenzie, Makenzie, McKenzie .... etc.
10. Can't be the same or too similar to her big sister's names or her cousins names. This baby will have 3 big sisters, 16 first cousins and many more second cousins. Crossing off the list: Kaylie, Kylie, Carrie, Kyrie (sounds like Katie), Allie or Alex (Lexie owns all forms of Allie even though she doesn't use any of them), Erica or Erika (cousin named Eric), Lauren, Lori, Laurel (cousin named Lauren), Cassandra (dog named Sandy), Ann, Annie, Anna (we have an Anna), Jordanna (cousin named Jordan). Chelsea, Rylie, Taylor, Jennifer, Savannah, Michelle, Mercedes (cousins)...
11. Even if a name fits all the rules, we still have to Love it! (hardest rule!)

I know, it seems complicated. But the child has to use this name every day of her whole life, so we have to get it right!


Lori A. said...

How about Lyvia? You could call her Lyvie.

Anonymous said...

OK I would have to say Macie

Jamie G said...

Caroline...aka Carrie....

However I think Jamie would be better! ;)

Holly said...


Living With Cavemen said...

Sophia (Sophie),Lilian (Lily), Rebecca (Becky), Cassandra (Cassie), Angela (Angie), Ella (Ellie).

That's all I can come up that fits the rules. At least I hope they all fit the rules.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm partial to Melissa with Melly or Mellie as a nickname (altough you could go with Lissy or Missy). I also like Melinda with Lindy as as nickname. Then again, I do like Caroline/Carrie. Or there's Miranda/Mandy or Amanda/Mandy.

As you can see I can have lots of ideas, none of which are getting me any closer to the Emily/Briony/Cecilia question I should be focused on.

You need to get the cool baby countdown widget--see it on Memarie Lane.

Laurel Merz said...

Well, I like Charlotte and I don't think Jesse will let me use could call her Charley for short...Gosh I like that name...

Heck why not Cecilia? Call her Cecie for short...?

Manic Mom said...


(This is hard though because, if I'm understanding correctly, Katie, Lexie, and Gracie are NOT the real names of your girls now? I kinda need to know the girls' real names in order to figure out what fits with their names, although I think Stephanie is very nice... Stephanie Ellen Schumacher. Although is Schumacher the real last name even? I had a friend named Thale Schumacher. That was a very unique cool name, but doesn't fit a lot of your criteria. If you go to they have a bunch of stuff on the site to help you figure out baby names. Good luck!

PS--Are you sure it's a GIRL!?!?

LaskiGal said...

Danielle (Dani for short), Rebecca (Becki/Becky/Becca). I know you said no names ending in -th, but I love the way Elizabeth Schumacher sounds.

Eliza (Lizzy/Ellie), Olivia (Livie), Corinna (Cori), Alexandria (Lexie) . . . I could go on. I'm having too much fun.

Blog hopped from Manic. Hope you don't mind me playing the name game :)

LaskiGal said...

Alexandria OR Alexandra . . . meant to add that one.

onthegomom said...

I got lost in all the rules. So, I am not sure what they were, but I like Olivia. I just never had another girl to use it!

desirae said...

Ok.. Here's what I got.. Camille/Cammie, Jocelyn or Josephine/Josie, Madelyn/Maddie, Jillian/Jilly, Adelaide or Adeline/Addie, Juliet or Julia/Julie, Abigail/Abby, Alison/Ally, Gabriella/Gabi, Evelyn/Evie, Melanie or Elaine/Lainey....

Did I win??? Man I just spent like an hour going through my baby name book.... It was either that, or clean the house.. I choose to be a great big help to you... lol.. I must say that you took all the fun out of it, when you said no stripper names.. lol.. I had this whole baby book full of cool must have stripper names for your soon to be bundle of joy.. (I'm kidding.) Good Luck..

Kate said...

Antonia (Annie or Tony)

AlaneM said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm a glutton for comments :)
Ok lets see...
Lidia (liddie)
Julia (ummm, the obvious)
Rachel (Rachie)
Andrea (Andie)
Addison (Addie)
Ok that's all my twisted brain can come up with for now. Good luck with the naming...that issue caused many an, er, argument in our home :)

B. Fred said...

I was going to suggest Elizabeth, Bethie for short (may be a little too egotistical there;-)but after reading the suggestions, I really like Sophia.

Alicia said...

okay. I am all about addison and then calling her addie!! That is my favorite. That is what I would be naming another girl if we ever had one.

so many are you gonna pick???

Kym B said...

Elizabeth would be my vote, and you could call her Lizzie or I have a friend that goes by first thought was Anastasia (was going to be Brayden's name if he was a girl) but that's too close to Anna. Sorry not much help but good luck! ;)

Michelle said...

Well, personally I love Sophia, too, but I've seen SOOOO many Sophia's and Sophie's lately.

My thoughts:

Isobel - Izzie

Margaret -- Maggie or Margie

Anonymous said...

How about Charlotte?

We have a lovely Charlotte who will graduate next week from high school and be off to conquer the world. Before you go with such a strong female name you must know that she will be an amazing female. Our Char will be the first president of the US, but I'm sure there will be some barriers she hasn't knocked down when your little half baked one is grown. Also our daughter goes by Charlie to her freinds and there is no doubt when someone calls her name who they are talking about. There never has been another Charlotte in school with her for 13 years now, never another Charlotte at camp or church or anywhere. It's unique, just like her!

I recommend: Charlotte Elizabeth
you could call her Charlie, Char when she is older, Charlie Beth, or you might even call her Char-Bear, pronounced Sharbear.

Mary said...

Thank you all for your suggestions! I actually like some of them! Surprising, I know. Thanks again!

Shelley said...

Wow, I got lost in all those rules too, but I think I might have a couple that would fit:
Danielle - nickname Dani or Danni (hmm, wonder why I'm partial to that one? lol)

Victoria - nickname Tori or Torey (I wanted to name Kylie, Torey, after one of my favorite authors, Torey Hayden, but my husband didn't like it)

I also liked Kacey, but I don't know what a "real" name would be that goes with that nickname...maybe Katherine?

I also love the name Shannon (for obvious reasons!) But what I've found about Shannon is it has the timelessness factor. I've met girls and women with that name from newborns to 40s and 50s. I'm not sure what the nickname would be though. We call our Shannon, Shay...maybe Shaynie or Shanie?

Oh, also love Madison - Maddie/Maddy.

Kayla W said...

Oh, man, do I remember the rules! LOL! The number of times you told me them. HAHA.

I sent you my suggestion via Yahoo, but I really think Emmalina is a beautiful name. You could call her Emmy or Lenie. It's a real name, of Greek decent.

Anyway, just a thought!

Memarie Lane said...

How did I miss this before? I am a huge name-o-phile!

First go here, where I wrote a guide to baby naming:

Then go here, and post your list of criteria, you will have a zillion suggestions from the pros within ten minutes (I post on there as InvisibleInc):

And here are my suggestions for you:

Evelyn nn. Evie
Eleanor nn. Ellie or Nelly
Coralie nn. Corrie
Rosalie nn. Rosie
Georgia nn. Georgie

Memarie Lane said...

Argh it cut off my links. Send me an email and I'll give them to you.