Monday, May 26, 2008

Move over, Cesar Milan

Lookout Cesar Milan, Gracie is only 2 and she just trained our dog!

Gracie used to always feed the dog part of her meal. Fling a bite to the dog, eat a bite. They always shared. Always! Here they are sharing before the new rule took place: (yes, the sharing was mutual and Gracie enjoyed her fair share of dog food)

But lately, she hasn't been sharing her food with the dog at all. Not one bite. She looks at Sandy and screams at her. Ok, so she's not a dog whisperer, she's a dog screamer. Still, it works. She screams and wags her finger and says "No NO!" or MINE or just pushes the dog's face away.

The weirdest thing has happened. The dog quit begging. Sandy just waits now. She waits from a distance too. If Gracie has food and Sandy looks at her that dog is in trouble. Gracie hollars at her!

The other day, I gave Gracie a little dish of cut up chicken breast. Gracie left it on the couch right next to the dog. The dog knew it was there, her nose was twitching like mad, but she didn't dare even look at it. And she certainly didn't touch it. Right now, there is a dish of scrambled egg scraps within the dog's reach. Sandy is steering clear of it and isn't even going for the piece of egg of the floor under Gracie's chair. Gracie is in the other room watching Curious George and wouldn't know it if the dog licked it up.

We couldn't have food within the dog's reach and think it would be safe. We've had Sandy for 7 yrs and this is the FIRST time she's not begged or gone after neglected food within her reach. This is absolutely amazing!

Gracie is dominant over the dog and the dog is totally submissive to her. I'm so shocked at how Gracie trained the dog. I don't know how she did it with such power. And how she enforces the rule without even looking at the dog. I'm totally amazed. Totally. I'm absolutely in awe.

Sandy and Gracie are best buddies. Even when I was pregnant with Gracie, Sandy would snuggle up to my belly and hover around me. As soon as she was born, they had an immediate bond.

Gracie can also go right up to the dog and lift up her lips and look and touch her teeth. Gracie can take her food or her rawhide away. Gracie can pull her ears. Gracie can sit on her and bounce. Gracie can grab her tail. Gracie can do anything and still get kisses and tail wags. Sandy never growls or attempts to do any harm to Gracie. It's totally amazing. They just play together like peas in a pod!

Thought I'd finally share my amazement with you all. Now that the dog is still not eating the egg on the floor!


Kate said...

That is truly impressive. And incredibly sweet photos of Sandy and Gracie.

Seriously, any time you want to bring her over to train the dog next door...

lizabelle79 said...

That is so sweet! I love all the pics of them together.

Michelle said...

Wow, gotta love the training. Maybe if you started the insane hollering everytime the dog went near food or looked at it, she'd do the same for you? I just can't imagine myself ever doing the insane screaming though ... ok, or being consistent enough for it to work. Way cool bond!

Memarie Lane said...

Awww I want a Sandy.

Alicia said...

Don't you just love dogs with kids?!?!?

Sandy looks so cute with Gracie and the other way around too!! They look like they are best buds!!

Shelley said...

Awwww...when I was in college, I had a golden retriever that looked just like that. Her name was Marley, and she was my favorite dog ever. That's such a sweet picture at the end of the two of them together.

My dog will NOT stop begging for anything if he smells pork. Bacon, sausage, chops...he goes nuts. Maybe he lived on a pig farm in his former life.