Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ice Cream with Olives

Doesn't that sound delicious!!! I must be really full of pregnant hormones. Holy cow. My head says, no, no, no, Mary, no. But I am really wanting ice cream with olives. I'm trying hard to talk myself out of this crazy combination. I don't know how much longer I can resist the urge.

I'm also experiencing a Dr. Jekyl/Ms. Hyde personality lately. Again, I'm blaming the baby. I'm all rainbows and flowers one minute and Momzilla the next, repeat. I can barely stand to be around myself! My poor family.

I did indulge in a Greek salad again yesterday. So far that has been my biggest craving. YUM!!! I might even go get another one today. Yesterday I tried out a new little Greek cafe. It was so cute! The salad was great, but no beets. The prices were the same as Pat & Oscars, so I'll either have to buy some beets for home to add to my salad or drive over to get a Pat & Oscars greek salad. I think this baby is greek. Princess Gracie was nourished on Mexican food during my pregnancy with her. Now she will sit and eat salsa with a spoon, no problemo! Not this child, she is Greek.

I got the worst haircut of my life yesterday. Guess what a really horrible haircut does to a pregnant woman who has way too many hormones? Guess what it does to an overly hormonal pregnant woman who has a family reunion to attend in a month? Are you afraid to guess? I don't blame you. Really, don't guess. I made Satan look like he was all rainbows and flowers. I'm actually thinking I should skip the whole family event, but I'm sure I can't get away with that. There will only be a million photos taken, blown up, framed, hung on walls. I'll be the round one with the nightmare on her head.

The end of September can not come soon enough!!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hang in there!

Michelle said...

Hey, at least you know you're *really* pregnant, no? ;)

Oh -- and I'd go for trying the olive ice cream. Why not? And if you like it, at least you know no one else will steal your treat!

Alicia said...

oh mary mary....isn't life fun when you are preggers. i think it leaves us asking why do we do this to ourselves???

as for the friend is a stylist and she can fix your hair if you stop by in june. i counted exits and we are 3 exits up from the provo canyon exit that you take. don't be that close and not stop by!!! get your hair fixed, let the older girls take a nap, the hubby's can chat, and the little ones can play!! oh yeah the dogs can play too!!!

Memarie Lane said...

This baby of mine is Latin or something. Everything must be doused in hot sauce. Any headway on the baby name yet?

Mary said...

Nope, still no name. :: heavy sigh::

Kate said...

I'm so sorry for you being pregnant in the summertime. Ugh.

As for olive ice cream--olives good, ice cream fabulous, olives and ice cream? Maybe if the ice cream isn't a really sickly sweet flavor... ;)