Monday, May 19, 2008

She's turning into a GIRL!!!

My little tom-boy is turning into a girl! Finally! She's been all dirt and snails until just recently. I am so excited that she is finally turning into a girl!

We've gone from this:

To This:

Do you think she looks like her big sister at all?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Just a little!

desirae said...

aww...they both look so cute.. And that's the best princess to be.. Belle...(Now there's a name for your soon to be princess..Only with the ie or y nickname, she'd be Belly.. Not such a good princess name after all.)

Alicia said...

mary she is so cute! what a little princess.

onthegomom said...


I loved Desirae's suggetion of "Belly". LOL!!!

lizabelle79 said...

Awww.. They're both beautiful!

Shelley said...

How cute is the princess dress? On both of them!