Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Accomplishment Friday - Ch. 2

Chapter 2
We're off like a herd of turtles!

Our first stop: 10:55am Walgreens. Got the kids out, hauled them into the store and spend $1.52 picking up the prints I ordered online. I had the hives photos printed to show the doc just in case. Luckily, we got in and out of there without too much whining and begging for candy and greeting cards. Gracie just loves greeting cards!

Next stop: 11:10am Baby Group. Occasionally, I go to a breastfeeding support group at the hospital. Today, it was jam-packed with mamas and babies! We could barely get in the room! It was sure great to see everyone, I haven't been there in quite a while. I whipped out the pictures of Libby's hives to show the Lactation Consultant and get her professional opinion. She was shocked and horrified. She said to quit feeding Libby everything, only give her breastmilk. I said "everything?" She said "everything! no crackers, no cheerios, no baby food, nothing". Well, that figures since she's a lactinazi. I should have figured she would recommend that. Since she freaked out, all the mommies in the room wanted to see the pictures... it's like a train wreck, gotta look! So, they did. The consensus in the room was that Libby is allergic to something. Libby didn't have any hives at all at this point, and she was sleeping peacefully in her stroller while mamas talked, babies cried and toddlers squealed. In the meantime, Gracie is running like a wild child, screaming with the toddlers, crawling under chairs and throwing a football. Not sure where the football came from, but that's my girl!

Now it's 12:10... and you are thinking this blog post is going to take forever, she's got another 12 hours in her day! Well, true. But you don't have a baby screaming or a three year old trying to fly, so kick back and keep reading.

Where was I? Oh yes, Back in the van after baby group. By the way... Detour from the topic again... When I park, I put frozen water bottles in the carseats and then cover the carseats with a blanket. Keeps their seats cool as the van heats up to a lovely 500 degrees inside. The buckles on those car seats could burn a child, even if its not in direct sunlight.

So, it's 12:10... I stuffed the kids in their nice cool carseats and we headed to the ATM. I grabbed a couple of 20s from the magic money machine and we then ran through the McDonald's drive up. It was close, Gracie was hungry. McDonalds has the worst fast food. Yuck. Wait, Wendy's might. It's truly a toss up. I got her a happy meal with juice and then I pulled over to open it all up for her.. yay, fed and happy without taking her out of the carseat!

She ate her "meat cookie" (life is better when everything is a cookie!) and drank her juice. She didn't want her fries, so she threw them at me. I think she meant to throw them TO me. Yeah, that's it. She was sharing. Sounds plausible, let's just go with that.

I caught some. Some got stuck in my hair. I ate the ones near me while I drove and talked to my husband on the cell phone. His day was busy and hot too. I made my way through the crazy Friday before a holiday weekend traffic over to Katie's in-laws house. I'm 4 hours late for my "sure, I'll be there" promise. Maybe they won't notice. Gracie wants to see the moving truck so we headed over. Got to the cul-de-sac and there wasn't a truck, so I just did a loop-dee-loo and headed home with my crying starving baby. The one who didn't throw french fries or inhale a "meat cookie" in one bite.

Almost 1pm now and we stop at home for a break. I need to feed Libby and try to make Gracie go potty and change their ice bottles for fresh ones. These are now cool water bottles. We had our little break and hit the road again. Never going far, but we're going!

The pediatrician's office opens at 1:30 again after their long lunch break so I headed there. They were supposed to email me a lab work order for Libby to be allergy tested, but I never did get it. So, we're out and about, I'll just stop in and get it. The doc got a new receptionist, wow, she's new all right. Must have just fallen off the turnip truck! I'll spare you the story since this blog post is already really long...

In fact, I'll leave you in suspense at this point. More to come about what we got done in Chapter 3 of the Great Accomplishment Friday series. Stay tuned!

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