Sunday, September 6, 2009

Great Accomplishment Friday - Ch. 3

Chapter 3
Shoe Shopping & More

First of all, I can't believe it will take me three days to tell you all I got done on one hot day while toting around two hot little girls! It was a productive day!

Where did I leave off? Oh yes... Back in the van. We're off to Payless Shoes! Keith said Gracie needs some sturdy tenna-shoes, and she does. All she has are princess sandals and hip-hops (flip flops). As soon as we pull up to Payless, Gracie announces "I want DORA shoes!". Oh boy, this could be interesting.

I could kiss the shoe-Gods! We went in and found sturdy Dora Tennies! Very cute, and they fit! How awesome is that! Also got Gracie a new pair of ballet shoes since the cheap little dance slippers I got for her kept falling off, got some shoes for Libby and a pair of slip on tennies for me. Four pair: $40. Hot Deals!

We weren't done shopping yet; we headed to Kohl's. They always have such great sales! And it's Labor Day Weekend Eve... surely I will score big. Nope. Kohl's was pretty much a waste of time. I did nab a few goodies and Gracie finally went potty, but otherwise it was disappointing. They had little girls' dresses marked at $46 under a sign that said 50% off. Well, $23 still isn't reasonable enough for a casual cotton play dress from Kohl's. The girls were very well behaved again at this stop. Why stop now!

It's almost 4 o'clock and I stuffed them back into their cold carseats and figured I had sweated off a good 15 pounds by now. We headed to Sams Club. Of course, after hitting three red lights in the first mile, both kids were sound asleep. Oh boy. I smell a screaming crying fit coming on when I wake Gracie up to go grocery shopping when she's this tired.

At Sam's Club, I managed to wake Gracie up pretty easily, she was in and out of it on the ride there. Libby was out cold. I iced their seats and carried Libby inside while holding Gracie's hand. I knew Libby would wake up, so I opted for the shopping cart rather than bringing in the stroller. Only, Libby didn't wake up, she just kept right on sleeping like a ragdoll.

The Sams Club greeter didn't help me get a cart, they usually have one waiting for you when you walk in! So, with my arms full and Gracie whining at my side, I fumbled around till I loosened up a cart and then, wait... how am I going to push the cart while carrying sleeping Libby? Gracie wants in the cart, she's tired. I can't lift her in!

Bing! Bing! Bing! Idea!!! I'll lay Libby in the cart like a crib, but I'll first need to pad the bottom with bath towels, they are close to the entrance. Woo Hoo! I can do this!

Oh, but they moved the towels. I never did find them. I did find rugs - hey that'll work. I am still holding this big sleeping baby. I only had half a hand to get the rug and line the cart with it, so I tipped the rug over till it sort of fell into the cart and then I lifted my leg up to balance the baby with one arm and one knee while I stood on one foot, and I smoothed out the rug. Can you believe I didn't fall over? That was my cool trick for the day!

I plopped Libby down into the cart and she immediately rolled over. I thought after all that she was going to lift her head and wake up, but no, she just rolled over and got cozy again. I put Gracie in the top part and ran up and down every aisle in the store. It was a hoot! People were pointing and laughing at Libby!

I ended up buying the rug because she was so zonked out that I couldn't bear to wake her, plus, that would have meant she'd need to be held and she'd be crabby and I still have groceries and Gracie. Ok, I'll buy the rug. It'll look great somewhere in my house, I'm sure.

Libby slept through the next strap-down, wow, she was sleeping hard! Gracie said "Can we go home now?" And since it was 5:30 and we'd been on the run since 10:30 or so, with countless strapping in and out of the carseats.... yes, lets go home. We have groceries on board now anyway and their carseat ice is melted too. Not long after Gracie uttered those words, she was fast asleep.

After we got home, Libby woke up and we tossed Gracie onto the couch where she slept like a log for a couple of hours. Libby bit her foot and she didn't wake up! There were teeth marks! We showed Daddy the new shoes and grazed on snacks. Neither Keith nor I felt like cooking dinner. Keith and I watched a movie later and of course, Gracie's nap screwed up any chance she had of going to bed and falling asleep so she was up till midnight.

Another long day was done. It was a good one! If you read all through, from 8am to midnight, you are either very curious or you need a hobby. Either way, thanks for reading.


Jessica G. said...

Those are some cute shoes! And kudos for the genius rug idea! I might have to try that one, too.

Alicia said...

i love reading about what you do when your super mom cape is on!! sounds like they were great for you!! when ya going to do it again?!?!?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Makes me glad my kids aren't so little anymore! I can usually leave at least one of them at home!