Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sewing Class - Let the serging begin!

I went to a sewing class at JoAnn Fabrics the other day. I was the best student there! Top of the class! Star Student! Teacher's Pet! Yeah, yeah, you guessed that right, I was the only one there. The One-on-One was great though.

Before the class, I thought I should at least try out my new serger and see if I could familiarize myself with it before I go to the class. I figured I should do my homework so I don't walk in totally dense. The machine was all threaded and set up with a scrap in the feed when I got it. I hadn't touched a thing.

I looked it over, fiddled with a few things, reviewed the manual. Then I did it. I stepped on the gas.... Oh baby! I grabbed another scrap to run through the machine. Wow!

I ran out and got some cute printed fabrics and some new patterns - sundresses for the little girls. After getting them all cut out, I whipped up a sundress in lime green with Tinkerbell all over it for Gracie. The serger was smooth as butter!

I used the 4 colors of threads that came on the machine. Are you kidding me? I wasn't going to attempt to even think about finding the thread trails! Four colored seams are just fine for practice. They weren't perfect, but I'm a newbie.

I had my issues. I was having trouble sewing curves. Wondered a thing or two about when you get into this situation or that. Hmmm, good, now I know what types of questions to ask when I go to class. Good. Here is my practice dress:

As you can see, it's a bit wide. Ok, it's really wide! I followed the pattern! I ended up taking it all apart and skinnying it up enough to fit. Looks about the same on a hanger, but it does fit. I have another dress cut out and ready to serge.

When I was in class, I did ask my questions. The instructor/saleslady was glad I asked and she said they were good questions.

Before I could do anything in the class, the lady checked out my machine. I had to take my own machine to the store, accessories and all. It was a lot to lug around, but whatever. She checked it out and said it was in pristine condition, probably only a few seams ever ran through it. Mechanically it was in perfect shape and it sewed like a dream. Really! A Dream!

She discussed the mechanics of the machine, terminology, how to oil it, etc. We talked about what types of needles to use, how to replace them and the light bulb, what kinds of threads and fabrics to use, how and when to change all the settings. Fun stuff.

Then we went over threading. The serger has 4 cones of thread to weave in out under around and through all sorts of gizmos and hookymajings. She showed me a couple of times how all the threads go here, there, here, there, don't forget that one, this one over that one or you'll screw it up... Ok. Then she cut off the threads, pulled them out and said it was my turn! Ack!

Guess what, I did it just fine. So I threaded the machine three times for her and she said that I was ready for the next class, which is how to coverstitch. I forgot to ask how to do a rolled hem, so I will consult my instructional dvd and see if I can figure it out on my own.

For now, I have a great start on how to use my machine and I am not as intimidated by it. I'm ready to make Snow White costumes for the girls! Wonder if I can get them done before our next trip to Disneyland? Hmmm... that might be asking a lot.


Wolfpak5 said...

I know you will conquer your serger in no time, before long you will have two whole sets of wardrobes ready.

Kate said...

Very cool! Super-cute dress. And it's hard to tell about fit on a hanger with anything.

I just got a new sewing machine after my ancient one kicked the bucket. I made some curtains, which is about as much as I feel confident doing. I did once make a reasonable-looking jumper. Maybe I should look into taking an actual class.

Michelle said...

That's so cool! Sewing is one of those things that I think I want to know how to do but don't REALLY want to know how to do. VERY intimidating, and I come from a family where my mom sewed buttons and that was it. Yay to you! I love that Tinkerbell fabric!

Haven said...

Interesting post.!! I love sewing and regular visit sewing class at Joann Fabrics. That dress is truly awesome.