Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, Look! A Swimming Pool! Just my size!

Libby is 11 months old now and crawls faster than I can run, which is how I end up losing sight of her countless times during the day. But, she can't go far and the house is close to babyproof. Pretty close.

She was crawling around the racetrack, doing her laps through the kitchen, dining room and family room when I lost sight of her. But I heard her, she was happily chattering away. Pause. Fussing now. In the meantime I had freed up my arms and finished helping Gracie, so I went to see what the fuss was about while I hoped she wasn't sucking on cleaners under the kitchen sink.

This is how I found her: grinning with her big cheesy grin, sitting in the dog's water dish, stuck. She went swimming!

Our dog uses a red igloo 6-pack cooler for her waterdish. And we keep her food and water in the kitchen to prevent ants and other critters from moving in on her feeding area. Which apparently is a perfect place for an 11 mth old to sit and get stuck.

I couldn't help but laugh! There she was sitting in the dog water! Grinning! Of course I didn't rescue her right away; I ran for my camera! Then I drug the baby stuffed water cooler over to the sink to minimize drippage and lifted her out. It was then that I noticed the rest of the mess.

Oh yes. She pooped! And there I am holding up a sopping wet poop dripping laughing baby! Oh the mess! If it wasn't so funny I would have moaned and groaned about it. It's that grin that gets me! I can't scold her when she flashes that funny face!

Now that she knows the little swimming pool is there, she tries to climb in. I have been catching her before she gets her little padded butt down into the water but the child is fast! She usually gets a leg in before I can catch up to her. I finally wised up and moved the cooler up off of the floor, but then I have to remember to set it down again for the dog.


Sorry if you're offended by this said...


Michelle said...

Gotta love those smart babies. Are you sure she wasn't just potty training early? ;)

Mmom said...

Sandy doesn't stand a chance anymore, does she? First its kids eating her food, now one bathes/swims in her water dish. What next???

Shelley said...

Mary, that picture is priceless! So cute!

Living With Cavemen said...

Hahaha, Libby is so funny. What a cutie pie!