Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey, Mr. Forgetful, Got Keys?

My husband, affectionately known as "Mr. Forgetful", has a few essentials that he cannot live without during his workday: Classroom keys, Cell Phone, and Bluetooth. On Thursdays he also needs his bag of college teaching materials. Most mornings when he is ready to leave, car or motorcycle keys in hand, we have the same discussion:

Him: What am I forgetting?
Me: Keys, Phone, Bluetooth?
Him: (pats himself in all the right places) Yup, Yup, Yup
Me: Bye!
Him: Bye!

Some mornings, we don't go through the list. Like today for instance...

He apparently remembered his cell phone because he called and said "*$#!@(% I =$%^#!@? forgot my %&(@#$$#! keys! #@!$%&!)*!" I did my wifely duty and sympathized, "aww". I held in the giggles.

And then, I got a bright idea! I'll help the guy out! After all, he's forgotten his keys countless times this school year already, and school has been in session for what - three weeks? Not to mention last week when he forgot his bag and I drove the 45 miles to his school to give it to him.

While I was making the "Got Keys?" signs, I found his bluetooth sitting right there by the computer. Hahahaha!

*Update* I hung a total of six signs and I have one ready to stick in his truck and one to rest on his motorcycle. I also left the word document up on his computer screen (I had to use his because one of the runts unplugged my printer and now it's not recognizing the network).

He came home from work and noticed one of the signs on his way in, he walked all the way in to get his hugs from the kids, then he turned around to go back out to his "Man Room" and that's when he saw the rest of them! He smirked. He gave me that look that says, "Smarty Pants". I said "I'm helping! Isn't that why you called me?" He said, "Thanks, Honey".

He hasn't taken down any of his signs. I think that's so funny! He's not one bit angry or insulted, he's laughing at my helpful antics - after all, he was just asking for it!!! Hahaha!


Michelle said...

I'm thinking you have a few more signs to make....

Shelley said...

So, did he appreciate the signs, or get pissy? I think my husband would get pissy. But he's not much fun. ;)

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT!!!!!!! Mike would be completely insulted by that if I did it, but I think it is hilarious!!!

Kate said...

Hysterical! In my house it's me and I would LOVE a few of those signs.

Daddy Schu said...

I am seriously WAY more pissy about forgetting my damned keys!!! I have a "Master" key for my school so I can go in any room to work on computers, etc. When I don't have my keys, it messes up my day and irritates the hell outa me!! The signs are staying up!

Living With Cavemen said...

Hahahahaha! That's awesome!